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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice


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The Department of Public Management hosts faculty, courses and academic programs grounded in the field of Public Administration and its related disciplines. The Department hosts undergraduate programs in Public Administration and Criminal Justice Administration and Planning and the graduate Master of Public Administration and Master of Public Administration – Inspection General Programs. The Department also hosts the MPA Extension Program at West Point. Through our programs we seek to prepare students for public service careers in government agencies, especially in the uniformed and protective services, justice organizations, international and military organizations, and inspection and oversight agencies. The programs seek to inspire students to the highest ideals of citizenship and public service, and serve federal, state, and local agencies by developing graduates who bring to the public work force the intellectual acuity, moral commitment, and professional competence to confront the challenges of justice, public safety, and public service in a free society.

 ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) classes offered in the Department of Public Management:


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