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OER Course Conversion Projects

                       CJM 200

Introduction to Research Methods in Criminal Justice Management


                                       OER for CJM 200


Welcome to CJM 200: Introduction to Research Methods. This course introduces students to the research process using dual lenses. Students will learn how to conduct basic research, as well as, learn to consume the products of the research process. 

CJM 200 is a ZTC course which means that there is no textbook to purchase. All of the readings are found at this website. Students will learn to frame a research problem, develop hypotheses and/or research questions, conduct a literature review, design a research project utilizing appropriate research methodology that accurately addresses the research problem, and the use of data to make decisions and recommendations. In these regards, a major goal of this course is to develop students’ capacity for critically evaluate and use "scientific evidence" that is communicated in academic journals, the popular press, and other outlets including reports from government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

1.     Learn about the research process, including its guiding principles, common procedures, and basic phases. 

2.     Be aware of ethical considerations in research

3.     Be able to write a good research question

4.     Become familiar with qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodologies.

5.     Engage in basic independent research

6.     Critically evaluate "scientific evidence" that is communicated in academic journals, the popular press, and other outlets

7.     Synthesize research materials and prepare a literature review

8.     Develop a basic research proposal that will culminate in a final research-oriented paper.

9.     Communicate research strategies, data, and narratives to a diverse workforce and citizenry by means of oral presentations, written documents, presentation graphics, and online techniques.