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John Jay College of Criminal Justice


OER Course Conversion Projects

POL 325: The Politics of Transnational Crime

                      OER for POL 325


Transnational crime and violence have become major concerns for governments around the world as they work to stem the flow of drugs, control trade in human beings, and deal with the problem of stateless terrorism. In this course, we will study the developing literature on this issue by examining how crime has altered state sovereignty, posed challenges to governance, changed conceptions of human rights and affected international organizations.  There is no textbook assigned for this course. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Students are expected to:

    • develop a basic understanding of the political factors that contribute to transnational organized crime;

    • learn about the nature, characteristics, and contemporary patterns of transnational organized crime;

    • study government policies against transnational organized crime and regional factors that affect their success/failure in different world regions;

  • Students learn to work individually and in small groups on designated tasks and topics and present outcomes in both written and oral forms.

  • Students learn to discuss topical issues in an open forum.