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OER Course Conversion Projects


OER for PSY 101

Introduction to Psychology




Required Texts and Materials

Homework Assignments

  • Writing Assignment 1: Careers in Psychology 
    • Careers in Psychology
      • Open the file and answer the four questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Please do not quote or patch write (changing a word here and then in a sentence). READ - THINK - THEN WRITE. Remember to use evidence from trustworthy sources (especially your textbook) to back up each answer.
    • Careers in Psychology: American Psychological Association 
      • Psychologists:

        • *Conduct Research

        • *Apply Science

        • *Provide Health Care

        • *Teach and Study Learning

        • *Promote Community and Individual Well-Being

        • *Advise Business, Industry, and Policymakers

        • *Make a Difference in the World!

  • Homework Assignment 2
    • Building Effective Study Skills 

      • Open the file above for the assignment. Read the article by Dunlosky and colleagues (module 6A), and answer the following questions in YOUR OWN WORDS – do not quote or copy phrases (aim to write between 200 and 300 words). NOTE: You can number your answers, but there is no need to write out the questions in your paper, please write in complete sentences. The word limit - 200 to 300 words is a guideline for the total number of words for the assignment. Please pay attention to the feedback from the last assignment and the rubric for this assignment before you start to write.

    • Study Skills Article

      • What Works, What Doesn't by John Dunlosky et al. 

        • Some study techniques accelerate learning, whereas others are just a waste of time....but which ones are which?

      • Rubric for Grading

        • Describes current study techniques (10%)

        • Assesses whether research suggests technique is effective (30%)

        • Describes plan to improve study habits (20%)

        • Citation/reference (10%)

        • Paraphrasing (20%)

        • Clarity of writing (10%)

  • Homework Assignment 3
    • Finding Information Using a Psychology Database 

      • Open the pdf file for your assignment and Rubric. In this assignment, you will be using the PsycINFO database to find a copy of an empirical, primary source, scholarly journal article published between 2000 and 2018 that investigates what kinds of things impact student success in college.

  • Homework Assignment 4

  • Homework Assignment 5

    • There is a strong movement in the college to improve student success.  I will collect some preliminary ideas from you that we can use to design some survey questions to collect data from other students. Please answer the following 3 questions.  You do not need to write lengthy answers.

      1) How would you operationalize student success? (i.e., how could we measure it)?

      2) List up to 3 things that have helped you to succeed as a student at John Jay.

      3) List up to 3 things that have made it difficult for you to succeed at John Jay

Other OER Psychology Textbooks

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