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      LAW 204: Criminal Law of New York


                                      OER for LAW 204



Welcome to LAW 204: Criminal Law of New York. The course will provide you a comprehensive analysis of the penal code of the State of New York. This class does not require you to purchase a textbook. All of the material is accessed via this website. 

This course focuses on the consideration of the impact of the statute on police procedures, judicial interpretations of the criminal statute and the application of court decisions to the penal code.

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare students who will enter New York judicial and law enforcement communities to utilize the New York Penal Law in their various future professional capacities. 
  • Obtain a working knowledge of all aspects of the New York Penal Law, including important definitions, elements of various crimes, defenses and sentencing guidelines.
  • Learn how to apply various New York Penal Law to actual criminal fact patterns. Analyze and name appropriate analysis as either a prosecutor or criminal defense attorney, utilizing the New York Penal Law.