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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice


OER Course Conversion Projects


OER for SCI 100

Case Studies in the Science

First Year Justice Core Seminar





Before Class Today


  • Introduction to Syllabus
  • Overview of course
  • Blackboard help.

  • Icebreaker activity for the beginning of the semester.
  • In class: People Hunt

Activity for the students to get to know each other in the classroom and develop student's speaking ability.



  • ePortfolio eTern Visit

  • Library Visit
  • Create your ePortolio.

e-PF1: Library Reflection

  • Visit the John Jay Library and become familiar with the library services.
  • In your e-portfolio, describe what you learned about the John Jay Library and how to search for information.

We will start to create our e-portfolios in class.

  • Check out the John Jay Library website and talk to a librarian. 

John Jay Library Website:


The Process of Science: The Nature of Scientific Knowledge

The Process of Science: The Scientific Community

e-PF2: Process of Science:

Discussion on the Nature of Scientific Knowledge

  • In-class assignment on how to design a concept map; 
  • Use a concept map to show why thinking scientifically does not mean rejecting your culture and background. 

e-PF 3: Process of Science:

  • Discussion on Scientists and the Scientific Community
  • Use a concept map to show how studying science is a human endeavor, why diverse points of view are important, and how scientists may support one another.  Use references from the reading to support your idea

Process of Science

Read: The Nature of Scientific Knowledge and describe 5 important take-away concepts from your reading. Put your ideas in outline form using the example from the library:

Bring your outline to class and be prepared to share your ideas.

Process of Science


Collaborative Group Learning

Photo Scavenger Hunt

e-PF4: What Is Collaborative Group Learning?

A key feature of the success of the seminar is for you to work collaboratively with your classmates. 

e-PF5 Opportunity Project:  Action plan for the Opportunity Project

What’s going on at JJ:

  • Exploring the college and creating an action plan for the Opportunity Project;

Review the section on Mentoring and Collaboration under Scientists and the Scientific Community:

Prepare for class by reading “What is Collaborative Learning?” and “44 Benefits of Collaborative Learning” from:

Be prepared to discuss collaborative learning and how you think it may benefit you.

John Jay Website Student Affairs; Math and Science Resource Center (MSRC), a tour of the science labs,  the Writing Center; clubs, student activities, Academic Advisor, etc.

What opportunities do you want to take advantage of? What does John Jay College offer to support your student success?