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OER Course Conversion Projects



                 ART 101

      Introduction to World Art

              OER for ART 101


This course presents an overview of the history of art in painting, sculpture, and architecture from prehistoric times through the twentieth century. It emphasizes significant stylistic movements and highlights the relationship between visual art and its historical and social context, with a view to understanding the artworks both as unique objects and as creative expressions of various civilizations at particular moments in history. 

Learning Outcomes: Students will:

  • Gather, interpret, and assess information from a variety of sources and points of view;
  • Evaluate evidence and arguments critically or analytically;
  • Identify and apply the fundamental concepts and methods of art history;
  • Analyze the global cultural diversity of art; and
  • Analyze and discuss the role that race, ethnicity, class, gender, language, sexual orientation, belief, or other forms of social differentiation have played in art history.