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John Jay College of Criminal Justice


OER Course Conversion Projects


OER for AFR 243

Africana Youth and Social Justice Activism



Recommended Readings and Media:

  • Kelley, R.D.G. 1996. “Introduction: Writing Black Working-Class History from Way, Way Below.” In Race Rebels: Culture, Politics and the Black Working Class. New York: Free Press, p. 1-16. Not available in digital format. Available in JJ Library at Stacks (E 185.61 .K356 1994)
  • Homan, M. 2004. “Putting Yourself in the Picture” In Promoting Community Change. Brooks/Cole: Belmont, CA., p. 84-101.
  • Hooks, Bell. 1994. Teaching to Transgress:  Education as the Practice of Freedom. New York: Routledge, p. 1-59. ​Only available in physical format at JJ Library at Stacks (LC196 .H66 1994).
  • Rubin, H., & Rubin, I. 2001. “Developing Capacity through Participatory Meetings.” In Community Organizing and Development (3rd ed). New York: Allyn & Bacon, p. 215-233.
  • Nieto, S. (2005). Social justice in hard times: Celebrating the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Perspectives, 7(1), 3-8.
  • Tough, P. (2014, May 18). Am I Supposed to Be Here? Am I Good Enough? The New York Times Magazine
  • Ginwright, S. & Cammarota, J. (2002). New terrain in youth development: The promise of a social justice approach. Social Justice, 29(4), 82-87.
  • ​Podcast: The Breakdown with Shaun King

Weekly Class Readings / Media

Youth Activism


Oppression and the struggle for equity of rights

Structural Racism

Historical perspectives: Universal Negro Improvement Association and the Young Negroes Co-operative League 

Contemporary Youth Cooperative Economic Development

Black Youth and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Black youth and resistance: The story of the Black Panthers

Topic: Black youth and Resistance: The Social Programs of the Black Panthers

Black Feminism: Historical perspectives

Black Feminism: Contemporary Perspectives

Black Masculinities

Race and Sports