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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice


OER Course Conversion Projects


                PSY 101

    Introduction to Psychology


                            OER for PSY 101


This course is a survey of the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Topics to be covered include research methods and applications in Psychology’s major areas of study: thought, memory, learning, perception, personality, social processes, human development, psychological disorders, and the biological bases of behavior.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • demonstrate the ability to assimilate information relating to psychology from a variety of sources
  • demonstrate the ability to think critically in their approach to psychological topics in a writing assignment
  • demonstrate the ability to reason using evidence to support their conclusions in a writing assignment
  • demonstrate knowledge of psychological theories and methods
  • demonstrate knowledge of  contextual influences on human behavior and diversity of perspectives, including those related to race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, nationality and culture
  • demonstrate knowledge of APA ethical principles and codes of conduct for psychologists
  • be able to define psychology, describe major sub-fields in psychology (e.g., social, cognitive, developmental, clinical, forensic) and differentiate between major psychological perspectives.
  • be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of history of psychology, research methods (e.g., advantages and disadvantages of various scientific research methods), and applications and careers in psychology