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OER Course Conversion Projects


                 SOC 110

          Drug Use and Abuse

                           OER for SOC 110


This course gives an overview of drug substances and drug abuse as viewed from different approaches. We will be studying the types and patterns of drug abuse, symptoms, causes, treatment modalities, and other related factors. We will discuss the sociological and physiological effects of different drugs, as well as the legal, cultural, and educational factors as they relate to drug abuse prevention. Through assigned readings, written assignments, and class discussion, you should achieve a basic understanding of drug use and its various consequences in the United States.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Identify and apply the fundamental concepts and methods of social science, especially anthropology and sociology, to explore the relationship between the individual and society, beginning with, but not limited to the concepts of “deviance and normalcy,” “stigmatization” and “subculture,” and how they contribute to an analysis of the role of drugs in society.
  2. Gather, interpret, and assess information about drugs from a variety of sources and points of view, including but not limited to participant observation, ethnography, surveying, and interviewing.
  3. Articulate and assess ethical views and their underlying premises in the study of drugs for both individuals and society.
  4. Evaluate evidence and arguments critically or analytically and develop the ability to differentiate between empirical evidence and belief with regard to drug use and abuse.
  5. Produce well-reasoned written or oral arguments using evidence to support conclusions.
  6. Articulate ethical uses of data and other information resources to respond to problems and questions regarding drug use and abuse as they relate to individuals and society.