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        ART 105

     Modern Art


   OER Resources for ART 105

This is a “ZTC” course, meaning students do not have to purchase a textbook.  This course considers the development of art in the modern Western world beginning with European art in the late 18th century and ending with American art after World War II, exploring the ways in which art can be used to record, influence, protest, and shape politics, societies, and individuals. The work of such major artists are studied as the history of individual achievement and in the contexts of modern life. This course satisfies the Flexible Core: Creative Expression area of the Gen Ed Program.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will:

  • Gather, interpret and assess information from a variety of sources and points of view;
  • Evaluate evidence and arguments critically or analytically;
  • Identify and apply the fundamental concepts and methods of art history;
  • Analyze the global cultural diversity of art; and
  • Analyze and discuss the role that race, ethnicity, class, gender, language, sexual orientation, belief, or other forms of social differentiation have played in art history.