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          LAW 301



            OER FOR LAW 301


Jurisprudence 301 considers the study of the theory and philosophy of law and the relationship between law and society. Issues to which special attention will be paid include the problem of disobedience, the nature of the judicial process, and the relations between law and personal morality. Current controversies about civil disobedience, the role of courts, "non-victim" crimes and the relationship of the police to the rule of law will be explored.  This course is a "zero-cost textbook" course, which means all of the readings will be found at this website. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the evolution of the various theories of law.

  • Explain/define how the theories influence American legislatures and judges in applying the law.

  • Discuss policy objectives served by various theories, identify legal theories and their application to real life factual situations.