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John Jay College of Criminal Justice


OER Course Conversion Projects


                   PSC 202

        Police and Diversity


                           OER for PSC 202


Course Description

This course will explore the pervasive influence of culture, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and various disabilities on daily encounters, contacts and interaction between police officers and civilian employees of police organizations, and other community members. The emphasized focus is on the cross-cultural contact, ethno-cultural diversity, the need for awareness and understanding of cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual orientation, gender, and an array of disabilities, and other differences. The need to understand these differences is rooted in the concept of procedural justice and respect for those of different backgrounds

Learning Objectives:

1.    Identify different concepts and stereotypes related to students’ perceptions.

2.    Examine factors in human relations as they affect policing and police management.

3.    Analyze the societal biases that impact police work.

4.    Understand the influence of individual police officers biases on daily performance.

5.    Analyze police discretionary behavior from the standpoint of organizational and personal biases.

Course Goal

This course is to analyze the concepts of various stereotypes and evaluate the impact of prejudice notions on police professionalism. The nature and concepts of the police role in an increasingly growing multicultural society are discussed, The role of police as generated by the balance of redefined requirement of peace and order and those of individual rights. Suggestions for improving law enforcement in multicultural communities through the need for greater awareness and transparency of one’s biases are the desired outcomes of the course