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                    LAW 401

Problems of Constitutional Development

                 OER for LAW 401


Welcome to Problems of Constitutional Development. The course provides an intensive study of selected problems drawn from constitutional law. This class does not require you to purchase a textbook. All of the material is accessed via this website. 

This course is an intensive study of selected problems drawn from constitutional law with an analysis and evaluation of the growth of the constitutional relationship between the individual and government at the federal, state and local levels, with special attention to problems of law enforcement in the United States. Questions relating to search and seizure, interrogation of suspects, public speeches and mass demonstrations are explored.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a sophisticated and an in-depth understanding of selected problems of constitutional law.

  • Understand the changes in Constitutional criminal procedure based on the examination of these problems.

  • Analyze how politics has both shaped and been shaped by changes in judicial doctrine. 

  • Engage in a written analysis of the legal reasoning and philosophical assumptions of these problems and the underlying major decisions of the courts.