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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice


OER Course Conversion Projects


OER for CJM 401

Professional Ethics






Review & Reading


ASPA’s Code of Ethics

Review: course syllabus

Review: ASPA’s Code of Ethics


Regime Values

Reading: The Study of Ethics in the P.A. Curriculum, Rohr, John, Public Administration Review, Jul 1, 1976, Vol.36(4), p.398


Morality, Ethics & Human Behavior

View Sandel Episode 01 – The Moral Side of Murder


Justice, Law & Professional Ethics

Review professional codes for ABA*, ASPAACAIACP

*For ABA, read Rules 8.3, 8.4 & 8.5


Enforcement: Policing & Society

Reading: Kleinig – Chapter 4

View Sandel Episode 02 – Putting a Price Tag on Life.  Be prepared to discuss during our next class (Week 6)


Enforcement: Police Discretion

Reading: Kleinig – Chapter 5

View Sandel Episode 06 –Mind Your Motive.  Be prepared to discuss during our next class (Week 7).


Enforcement: Corruption & Misconduct

Reading: Kleinig – Chapter 6


Courts: Prosecutors & Defense Lawyers

Reading: Kleinig – Chapters 7 & 8


Courts: Judge & Juries

Reading: Kleinig – Chapters 9 & 10


Courts: Discretion, Dilemmas & Misconduct

Ben Grunwald Article:

Questioning Blackmun’s Thesis: Does Uniformity in Sentencing Entail Unfairness 


Corrections: Punishment & Imprisonment

Reading: Kleinig – Chapter 11 & 12


Corrections: Correctional Officers

Reading: Kleinig – Chapter 13


Corrections: Discretion, Dilemmas & Misconduct

Slabonik & Sims article: Controlling discretion in bureaucratic agencies: a survey of adult probation officers


Ethical Choices &

Reporting Misconduct



Sandel Workshop I

View Sandel Episode 10 – The Good Citizen. Be prepared to discuss during Part II of the workshop series.