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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice


OER Course Conversion Projects


        OER for ART 105

              Modern Art







Introduction to Pop Art (3 pages)

Warhol, Gold Marilyn Monroe (3 minutes)

Warhol, Marilyn Diptych (4 pages)

Warhol, Campbell’s Soup Cans (7 minutes)

Rosenquist, F-111 (2 minutes)

Oldenburg, Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks (2 pages)

Marisol, The Party (5 minutes)


An Introduction to Minimalism (2 pages)

Judd, Untitled (4 minutes)

Morris, Bodyspacemotionthings (4 minutes)

Smithson, Spiral Jetty (7 minutes)

Turrell, SkyscapeThe Way of Color (5 minutes)

Serra, Tilted Arc (4 pages)


Keïta, Untitled [Seated Woman with Chevron Print Dress] (2 pages)

Clark, Bicho (3 pages)

Liu Chunhua, Chairman Mao en Route to Anyuan (4 pages)

Modern Storytellers: Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, Faith Ringgold (5 pages)

West Asia: Between Tradition and Modernity (3 pages)

Charles Eames and Ray Eames (3 pages)

Design, 1950–75 (2 pages)

Art and Nationalism in Twentieth-Century Turkey (3 pages)



Design, 1975–2000 (2 pages)

Beuys, Fat Chair (2 pages)

Freud, Standing by the Rags (4 minutes)

Baldessari, I Will Not Make Any More BoringArt (4 minutes)

Paik, Electronic SuperhighwayContinental U.S., AlaskaHawaii (5 pages)

Yayoi Kusama (8 minutes)

Kelly, Post-Partum Document (2 pages)

Song Su-Nam, Summer Trees (3 pages)


Haring, Subway Drawings (3 pages)

Alfredo Jaar, A Logo for America (2 pages)

Xu Bing, Book from the Sky (5 minutes)

Masami Teraoka, American Kabuki (6 minutes)

Sherman, Untitled Film Still #21 (4 minutes)

Basquiat, Horn Players (4 minutes)

Osorio, En la barberia no se llora (No Crying Allowed in the Barbershop) (3 pages)

Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (3 pages)

Portraits by Felix Gonzalez-Torres and David Wojnarowicz (4 minutes)

Ringgold, Dancing at the Louvre (3 pages)


Nam June Paik, Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii (5 pages)

Carrie Mae Weems, Untitled (Woman Feeding Bird) (5 minutes)

Thornton Dial, Blood and Meat: Survival for The World (6 minutes)

Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Earth’s Creation (3 pages)

Shirin Neshat, Rebellious Silence, Women of Allah Series (4 pages)

Shirin Neshat, Art in Exile (10 minutes)

Sue Coe, Aids won’t wait, the enemy is here not in Kuwait (5 minutes)

Michel Tuffery, Pisupo Lua Afe (4 pages)

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Trade (Gifts for Trading Land with White People) (5 pages)

Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, State Names (5 minutes)

Media and Performance Art (online exhibit)

Investigating Identity, with artists Claude Cahun (Lucy Schwob), Marcel Moore (Suzanne Malherbe), Revital Cohen, John Coplans, Robert Gober, Joan Jonas, Frida Kahlo, Deborah Kass, Mike Kelley, Wifredo Lam, Glenn Ligon, Ana Mendieta, Mariko Mori, Senga Nengudi, Yoko Ono, Howardena Pindell, Adrian Piper, William Pope.L, Richard Prince, Carolee Schneemann, Shahzia Sikander, Laurie Simmons, Lorna Simpson, Jack Smith (online exhibit)



Goldblatt, Ex-Offenders (4 minutes)

Mexico City (55 minutes)

Maps, Borders, and Networks, with artists Alighiero Boetti, Juan Downey, Mona Hatoum, Hong Hao, Barrett Lyon, The Opte Project, Grayson Perry, Rirkrit Tiravanija (online exhibit)

Migration and Movement, with artists El Anatsui, Yto Barrada, Mona Hatoum, Yun-Fei Ji, Jacob Lawrence, Mateo López, Zarina (online exhibit)

Art about Migration (17 min)

Mehretu, Stadia II (3 pages)

El Anatsui, Untitled (4 minutes)

El Anatsui, Old Man’s Cloth (4 pages)

Shonibare, The Swing (After Fragonard) (3 pages)

Kiki Smith, Lying with the Wolf (3 pages)

What Does Resistance Look Like? (15 minutes)

Kara Walker, A Subtlety (6 minutes)

Kara Walker, Darkytown Rebellion (3 pages)

Titus Kaphar, The Cost of Removal (5 minutes)

Kenseth Armstead, Surrender Yorktown 1781 (3 minutes)

Alison Saar, Topsy (5 minutes)

Wangechi Mutu, Preying Mantra (4 pages)

Wangechi Mutu, Santigold, and Mutu, The End of Eating Everything (3 minutes)

Wangechi Mutu, The NewOnes, will free Us (3 minutes)

Ai  Weiwei, Kui Hua Zi (Sunflower Seeds) (14 minutes)

Ai Weiwei, Remembering and the Politics of Dissent (5 pages)

Chris Ofili, The Holy Virgin Mary (3 pages)

Chris Ofili, No Woman, No Cry (online exhibit)

Chris Ofili, Popcorn Shells (online exhibit)

Amy Sherald, First Lady Michelle Obama (online exhibit)

Kehinde Wiley, President Barack Obama (online exhibit)

Kehinde Wiley, Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps (3 pages)

Nari Ward, We the People (black version) (4 minutes)

Women Artists from Devi Art Foundation’s Collection (online exhibit)

Pedro Reyes, Doomocracy: A Haunted House of Political Horrors (5 pages)

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice (16 pages)

Nick Cave, HEARD•NY (6 minutes)

History of Photography


The Camera Obscura (1:35)

The Camera Lucida (1:51)

The Daguerreotype Process (6:19)

The Art and Science of Daguerreotypes (50 minutes)

Talbot's Processes (6:37)

The Cyanotype Photographic Process (4:22)

The Collodion Process (5:33)

The Albumen Process (4:34)

Faking It (online exhibit)

Stereoscopy (4:45)

Magic Lantern (1:44)

Tintype (4:30)

The Invention of X-Rays (5 minutes).

Collotype (32 pages)

Kodak: How George Eastman Revolutionized Photography (2:53)

Autochrome (2 pages)

Halftone Process (36 pages)

Gelatin Silver Process (7:32)

Edison’s Kinetoscopic (0:23)

Lumiere Brothers (6:35)

History of the Photo Booth (6:54)

Color Photography (6:01)

How Does a Polaroid Work? (2:10)

Digital Photography (5:30)


The Daguerreian Age in France: 1839–55 (2 pages)

The Daguerreian Era and Early American Photography on Paper, 1839–60 (3 pages)

Photography and the Civil War (2 pages)

The Industrialization of French Photography after 1860 (4 pages)

Early Photographers of the American West (3 pages)

Early Histories of Photography in West Africa (3 pages)

Early Documentary Photography (4 pages)

Post-Mortem Photography (20 pages)

Mirror of Race (online exhibit)

Photography and the Opening of Japan (11 pages)

People of India (book to browse)

Street Life in London (book to browse)

Early Astronomical Photography (5 pages)

Spirit Photography (11 pages)

Photography at the Bauhaus (3 pages)

Photography and Surrealism (2 pages)

Photography in Europe, 1945–60 (2 pages)

Photography in Postwar America (3 pages)

Art and Photography: The 1980s (2 pages)

Art and Photography: 1990s to the Present (2 pages)

Lynching Photography in America (online exhibit)

Photography in the Fight Against Apartheid (online exhibit)

Crime Scene Photography (4 pages)

Police, Protest, and the Matter of Black Lives: A Conversation on the Power of Photographs (9 pages)

Radiolab, Sight Unseen (32 minutes)


Nicephore Niepce (online exhibit)

Nadar (3 pages)

Julia Margaret Cameron (3 pages)

Mathew Brady, The Dead of Antietam (4 minutes)

Gardner, Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter (3 pages)

Frances Benjamin Johnson (17 pages)

Jacob A. Riis on How the Other Half Lives & Dies in NY (10:21)

Eadweard Muybridge (3:11)

Lewis Wickes Hine (online exhibit)

 Gilbreth Time and Motion Study (1:32)

Thomas Eakins and Photography (30 minutes)

Alfred Stieglitz and American Photography (3 pages)

Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother (4:10)

August Sander (9 minutes)

Eugene Atget (online exhibit)

Henri Cartier-Bresson (online exhibit)

Ansel Adams (online exhibit)

What can Ansel Adams’s enduring photography teach us in the age of Instagram? (6 minutes)

Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams, Photographs of Japanese-American Internment Camps, Part 1 (5 pages) and Part 2 (9 pages)

Robert Capa, Death of a Loyalist Soldier (6 pages)

Gordon Parks, Harlem Gang Leader (online exhibit)

Gordon Parks’s Long-Forgotten Color Photographs of Everyday Segregation (4 pages)

Lisette Model (online exhibit)

Graciela Iturbide (online exhibit)

Vik Muniz (online exhibit)

Carrie Mae Weems (online exhibit)

Hiroshi Sugimoto (3 minutes)

Gabriel Orozco (online exhibit)

Andrew Esiebo (9 pages)

Daniela Rossell, Ricas y Famosas (9 pages)

Lonnie Graham on Art as Tradition in Modern Culture (12:15)