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Criminal Justice

Selected Readings in Courts and Criminal Procedure

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Evaluating Internet Resources

In this section, you will find links to our research guides related to criminal justice.  These research guides have internet links which have been selected by librarians and are considered appropriate for the study of certain topics within criminal justice and ancillary disciplines. When searching the web and finding resources that have not been selected by information professionals, you want to make sure that the information you've found is valid and from a reliable source.

Use our Library guides to help you find reliable sources on the web:

Evaluating Information Sources on the Web

Information Literacy: What is it?

Courts: Internet Resources


A National Institute of Justice website focused on reserach on and evaluation of United States Court programs and practices.

Courts, National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)

NCJRS resources on court issues related to case processing, civil justice, types of courts, equiptment/technology, facilities/security, personnel, pretrial release, sentencing and sanctions.  Publications, reports and statistics.

Federal Judicial Center

The mission of this government agency is to promote improvement in the judicial administration of the United States federal court system. The Center's site offers publications on court operations and procedures, court history, and educational materials. A database of Judges of the United States Courts provides biographical information on judges who have served on the U.S. District Courts, the U.S. Courts of Appeals, the Supreme Court and other life-tenured courts since 1789.

New York State Unified Court System

New York State Unified Court System's site with a comprehensive Courts page delineating the history and structure of the State's court system with many decisions (civil and criminal), forms, and reports available online. An alphabetical county listing of Public Access Law Libraries is included.

The Fund for Modern Courts

A nonpartisan, nonprofit, statewide court reform organization striving to improve the judicial system in New York State; the site includes Court Monitoring reports, Citizens Jury Project reports, and a guide to judicial selection in New York State.

The Supreme Court, PBS

A companion website to the 2007 PBS series, The Supreme Court site includes a "For Educators" section which includes essays and teaching materials on gender equality, social rights, personal liberties, and equal access to schools. Also included is an interactive timeline of landmark cases handed down since 1792 and a searchable encyclopedia of terms and court cases of note.

U.S. Courts

The official site of the United States Federal Judiciary. Some highlights include federal rules of practice, procedure and evidence, organization of the judiciary system and its relationship to the legislative and executive branches of the government, and information on federal judges.

Criminal Procedure: Internet Resources

Comparative Criminal Procedure

The University of Chicago Library's Lyonette Louis-Jacques' guide to "journal articles, book chapters, and treatises covering comparative criminal procedure generally, criminal procedure in multiple jurisdictions, and specialized research topics in comparative criminal procedure."

Federal Criminal Procedure, Cornell Legal Information Institute

Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute overview on criminal procedure including discussions on Investigatory and Accusatory Police Procedure, Pre-Trial Procedure, Trial Procedure, Right to Effective Counsel, Stages of a Trial and Sentencing. Access Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure as well as links provided in the beforementioned sections of their Overview.

New York State Law, Criminal Procedure

Full online searchable text of Criminal ProcedurePenal and other laws of the state of New York.

State Criminal Codes and Procedures, Cornell Legal Information Institute

Access state laws of criminal procedure as well as criminal codes by state at Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute.