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Statistics are Tricky!

 Finding statistics can be tricky. You may not find       the data compiled exactly the way you want it.   Be creative. Use, analyze and work with the statistics   you find.

  Be mindful of:

  •   Who's compiling and/or analyzing the data
  •   The unit(s) of data being measured
  •   Time period covered
  •   Relevance to your research


Criminal Justice Statistics in Print

Crime in the United States. New York: Bernan Press. (Reference and Reference Desk latest edition, Ref HV 6787.A32)

National and Local Criminal Justice Statistics Online

Bureau of Justice Statistics 

The BJS publishes reports online and in print. Statistics in the areas of law enforcement, prosecution, courts and sentencing, corrections (including capital punishment), and expenditure and employment. 

The Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool

Campus crime statistics for colleges and universities across the United States, including searches of the Dept. of Education database, and links to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports statistics for over 400 colleges.

A National Institute of Justice site with research which rates the effectiveness of criminal justice programs and practices for practitioners and policy makers intended to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what's promising in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim services.

Criminal Justice Statistics, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

New York State criminal justice statistics and a Directory of NYS Criminal Justice Agencies.

Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center

The Federal Justice Statistics Program (FJSP) database containing information about suspects and defendants processed in the Federal criminal justice system.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

Over 550 data collections relating to criminal justice. Download data and/or compile and manipulate raw data to create your own statistical tables.

State Statistics Information, National Institute of Corrections

NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board 

The NYC CCRB's monthly statistical reports.

NYPD Crime Statistics

New York City Police Department crime statistics citywide, by borough, or by precinct (pdf files). 

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Data from more than 100 published and unpublished state and federal sources on many aspects of criminal justice in the United States.  Updated regularly. 

TRAC Criminal Enforcement

Generate reports from 1986 to the latest monthly data from TRAC (Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse) at Syracuse University. 

Uniform Crime Reporting, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Statistical crime reports and publications, detailing specific offenses and outlining national and local trends in crime.  Includes:  Crime in the United States, National Incident-Based Reporting System, Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, and Hate Crime Statistics with data from over 18,000 city, university/college, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies. Use the FBI's Crime Data Explorer, their interactive data site, for visualizations, maps and graphs to compile and download UCR data.

U. S. Census Bureau

Current and historical U.S. demographic data. Browse by topic or use American FactFinder or State & County Quick Facts. Links to federal, state, and international statistical resources as well.

International Criminal Justice Statistics Online

International Centre for Prison Studies, World Prison Population Lists 

Prison population demographics and incarceration rates for over 200 countries.

Bureau of Justice Statistics, International Justice Statistics

International criminal justice statistics from the BJS publications and the United Nations.

Nation Master, Crime

Statistical profiles and international rankings of various criminal topics such as police officers, kidnappings, murder rates, etc. 

United Nations: Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Data on reported crimes and the operations of criminal justice systems globally.  The

United Nations: Drug Control, Crime Prevention and Counter-Terrorism

UN statistics focuses on drugs, human trafficking, corruption, terrorism and organized crime. Links to some full text documents and the annual World Drug Report.

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime

The UNODC's data and analysis page including the following reports on many different aspects of crime, not solely drug offenses: 

World Drug Report

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons

Global Study on Homicide


Drug use
Drug trafficking
Illicit crop monitoring

Transnational organized crime threat assessments