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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice


Open Book with Letters and Numbers flying out of it

Books Provide:

  • Dedicated treatment
  • Historical overview
  • Background information
  • Single view or opinion



Finding Books

Use OneSearch to find both print and electronic books in both John Jay's Lloyd Sealy library and all other CUNY libraries.  The search box can be found on our library's homepage:



To search for books only, you may want to limit your search to Books only (see above) although it is not necessary.

Search for a particular book by using an exact title and/or author or a combination of distinctive words from each to determine if the library owns the exact book you want. 

To search for books on a specific subject, type in keyword(s) and/or phrase(s) which best describe your topic.  Broaden or narrow your search if you're dissatisfied with your results.

Click on the title of those books you find relevant.

For print books:  write down the CALL NUMBER and LOCATION of the books you wish to find in the library.  Books are organized according to their location and call number:

Reference  (2nd floor, top level)

Reference Law (2nd floor, south side of building near bound periodicals)

Stacks  (books that circulate, see below)

Call number beginning with A-H are on the 2nd floor

Call number beginning with J-Z are on the 1st floor

Reserve (1st floor, Reserve desk)

For electronic booksPlease remember, not every book is digitized! But we do have many ebooks and ebook collections that are available remotely (from your home or work computer, phone, etc.).  If a book is available electronically, you will see a Full text available link in OneSearch.  Use your John Jay email ID and password to login once you are taken to the book's database site. To set up your John Jay email account or if you are experiencing difficulties with your John Jay email login, go to to set up or change your password.  If you are still experiencing problems, contact the DoIt Helpdesk at 212.237.8200 for further assistance.  

(Please keep in mind, as a general rule, electronic books owned by specific CUNY libraries other than John Jay are most probably only available to John Jay students onsite--within that owning library.  Ebooks marked CUNY are available online to all CUNY students.)

Please see our Ebooks library guide for more information for finding and using electronic books.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

Feel free to browse the shelves under the Library of Congress call numbers listed below for books on many issues in criminal justice.  The HV section for books to borrow is on the 2nd floor of the library.

Books Spanning a Globe of the World


HV 6001-7220.5       Criminology

HV 6250-6250.4      Victims of crime

HV 6251-6773.55      Crimes and offenses

HV 7231-9960  Criminal justice administration

HV 7431     Crime prevention

HV 7551-8280.7     Police

HV 7935-8025    Police administration

HV 8031-8080    Policing

HV 8035-8069  Special crimes, offenses and criminals

HV 8073-8079.35   Criminal investigation

HV 8301-9920.7  Prisons. Corrections

HV 9051-9230.7  Juvenile offenders. Juvenile delinquency

HV 9261-9430.7  Reformation of adult prisoners including probation, parole, reentry


How to read a call number

Books on a Library Shelf

Every book has a unique Library of Congress call number. Think of the call number as the address of the book, in that it tells us exactly where, on the shelves, we can expect to find a particular book. Books are arranged alphanumerically on the shelves--first alphabetically, then numerically--by call number. 

For instance:

HA          Alphabetical by letter(s)
1625      All HA books shelved in numerical order
.O87       Further ordered alphanumerically by letter then decimal
1999      Year of publication


Four books, HA 100..., HA 1625..., HQ 16..., HV 2000...


The four books above are in the correct order.

See the complete list of Library of Congress subject classes and subclasses here:

CLICS: Getting Books from Other CUNY Libraries

CLICS (CUNY Libraries Inter-Campus Services):

Need a book that is not available in the John Jay College Library? Use the CUNY book delivery service to request books from other CUNY campuses through OneSearch.

Currently enrolled John Jay students, and John Jay faculty and staff (with an active library barcode*) may request print books from other CUNY libraries that are not available in the Lloyd Sealy Library. Have a book delivered to you at John Jay or another CUNY library of your choice (as long as it is not the same library from which you are making the request).


1. If you find a book is not available at the John Jay Library while in OneSearch, you may select All CUNY from the pull down menu from the search bx at the top of the page and search again:


2. Click on the title of the book you are interested in requesting:


The book must be marked Stacks (Reference and Reserve items do not leave their library) and Available (if you see a due date, the book is in use and will not be sent until after the book has been returned).


3.  Sign in to OneSearch with your CUNYFirst credentials if you have not already:



4. You may request the book be sent to you by clicking on the arrow to the right of From Any CUNY Library or a particular CUNY Library listed:

5.  Fill in the request form making sure your email and pick up library are listed correctly: