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Criminal Justice


This guide contains resources designed to aid you in your research in criminal justice related topics. Open the various tabs across the top for different aspects of criminal justice research.  

Know What You Need

Know what you need:

State your topic in one sentence.  This helps you identify keywords/phrases that describe your topic.

How many pages do you need to fulfill your assignment?  Knowing how many pages you need to write helps pinpoint just how much information you will need.

How many and what kind of sources are required?  Knowing how many and what type of sources you need helps you choose a database and limit to the sources you need whether it be scholarly journals, books, newspapers, and/or statistics.

Criminal Justice


Criminal justice research combines multiple disciplines in order to understand both the nature of crime and how to respond to criminal activity and violence including causes, prevention and punishment.

Some topics include:




criminal law and procedure

law enforcement


computer applications in criminal justice

investigative techniques

juvenile justice

race and crime

female offenders

prisoner reentry


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