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NYPD - Historical and Current Research: Getting Started

This is a guide mainly focusing on the history of the NYPD, but modern sources are covered too. By Ellen Belcher

Search Terms

For books, reports and other materials by and about the NYPD in our Library, try searching the OneSearch on the subject terms Police -- New York (State) -- New York AND/OR New York (N.Y.). Police Department

For periodicals. annual reports by the NYPD and affiliated agencies and organizations use the subject term Police -- New York (State) -- New York -- Periodicals AND/OR New York (N.Y.). Police Department -- Periodicals

See also - A chronology of Policing in NYC on pg 24 of the 1914 NYPD Annual Report freely available on the Internet Archive.

Many recent statisticspolicies, publications and reports are available freely on the NYPD website.


NYPD & Other Police Websites

The Official NYPD website links to the Police Academy, Police Precincts and other divisions within the NYPD. NYPD Angels website offers a historical compendium of Police Precincts - the numbers were changed in 1924 & 1929

The Police Foundation is a non-profit that receives private donations to the NYPD

The New York City Police Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the NYPD But the building was severely damaged by SuperStorm Sandy and in 2017 were still closed with no information on when they might re-open.

Civilian Complaint Review Board The CCRB is an independant board has an online complaint form and links to their status reports and monthly statistical reports.

 NYPD Unions

The PBA - Patrolmens' Benevolent Association is the Union for the NYPD Patrolmen

The DEA- Detectives Endowment Association is the union for the NYPD Detectives

The SBA - Sergeants Benevolent Association is the union for NYPD Sergeants

The LBA Lieutenants Benevolent Association is the union for NYPD Lieutenants

The CEA - Captains Endowment Association is the union for NYPD Captains

 NYPD Societies and Associations -some of these groups include employees of other NYC Law Enforcement Agencies as their members, some are chapters of National Organisations

NYPD Advancement of Civilian Employees Society

NYPD Anchor Club

NYPD Asian Jade Society

NYPD Columbia Association

NYPD Committee of Police Societies

NYPD Emerald Society

NYPD Columbia Association

NYPD Desi Society

NYPD Emerald Society

GOAL-NY NY Gay Officers Action League

NYPD Guardians Association

NYPD Steuben Association

NYPD Hispanic Society

NYPD Holy Name Society

NYPD Korean American Officers Association

NYPD Muslim Officers Society

Police Officers for Christ

The Police Square Club

Policewomen's Endowment Association

NYPD Pulaski Association

NYPD Shomrim Society

NYPD Steuben Association

NYPD Traffic Squad Benevolent Association

NYPD Viking Association

Other NYC Law Enforcement Agencies

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Included on the Division's Web site are criminal justice statistics for New York state as well as a Directory of New York State Criminal Justice Agencies. Some, but not all are sworn peace officers and as such carry firarms and have full arresting capabilities and not only enforce the rules and laws under their jurisdiction, but also all NY State and NYC laws.

Some subways and some bridges and tunnels are policed by the MTA Police

Other bridges and tunnels are policed by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Police

Other bridges are policed by the New York State Bridge Authority Police

Some areas of NYC are the jurstiction of the New York State Police

The Department of Sanitation rules are enforced by DSNY Police

The New York Harbor is policed by the Commission of the New York Harbor Police

New York Forests are protected by the Forest Rangers

Other police operating in NYC are listed on Wikipedia

Some NYPD Publications

Information adapted for John Jay's Collections from this page on the NYC Municipal Library website , by Christine Bruzzese, descriptions of Police Department Publications in that library. Information is added on where to find them at John Jay Library.

We have recently digitized all issues of Law Enforcement News (1975-2005), published by John Jay College, which regularly reported on the NYPD.

Spring 3100. The magazine of the New York Police Department has been published since 1930 [but was not published from 1979-1988]. The City Hall Library keeps all issues to the present. Some earlier years have been indexed [at the Municipal Library]. This magazine features news on the NYPD, interviews and articles about varied topics related to police work.

John Jay Library has nearly all issues - Periodicals - HV7551 .S6 holdings 1930-1979 & 1988-present

Update: as of July 2016, we digitized a few of the early issues of Spring 3100.

Complaints and Arrests. Published yearly from 1972 to 1975 and semiannually from 1979 to 2001, this publication includes statistical information by borough and/or precinct depending on the indicator. This is a useful publication to find figures on arrests, complaints and summonses by various types of offenses and to compare the various precincts and areas of the city. Not included are statistics on narcotics crimes. The last semi-annual report appeared in 2001. From 2001 to the present, these statistics can be located in the CompStat Weekly Report. [Selected issues of an earlier iteration of this publication 1902 - 1968 called Statistical report: Complaints and Arrests are available on the Hathi Trust Digital Library]

John Jay Library has nearly all issues in paper in Open Special Collections - HV7597 .B32 as well as some issues on Microfiche

Annual Reports. Police Department Annual Reports were produced 1860 to until 1991/92 when the last report was published. These reports can be used to locate statistics, descriptions of NYPD divisions and activities and names of Commissioners and other upper echelon personnel. Currently the NYPD issues many reports on it's website, but not an annual report.

John Jay has has most issues of these reports from 1912-1992 on our Open Special Collections HV7597 .A3 we have digitized reports from 1912-1922 and made them freely available on the Internet Archive. Reports for the years 1885-1921 are digitally available from Columbia University.

Personnel Orders, Operations Orders, etc.  Personnel Orders, Operations Orders, Interim Orders and other directives are located in hard copy. Generally, the collection is comprehensive and covers the earliest issued to the present. These are not indexed.

Contact the Municipal Library to see their collection - John Jay Library only has only a few of these in our NYPD Collection in the Special Collections Room

NYPD website. Most official publications by the NYPD including ReportsCompStat crime reports, and data tables can be found on the NYPD website,

The NYPD Museum and Archives may also be of interest to the researcher. But the building was severely damaged by SuperStorm Sandy and in 2017 were still closed with no information on when they might re-open.