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NYPD - Historical and Current Research: Recommended Books and Articles on History of the NYPD

This is a guide mainly focusing on the history of the NYPD, but modern sources are covered too. By Ellen Belcher

Articles on NYPD History

We have recently digitized all issues of Law Enforcement News (1975-2005), published by John Jay College, which regularly reported on the NYPD.
A small selection of Journal articles available electronically at John Jay Library.
Thale, Christopher (2007) "The Informal World of Police Patrol: New York City in the Early Twentieth Century"  Journal of Urban History January 2007 33: 183-216, doi:10.1177/0096144206290384
Gillespie, W. (2008). Thirty-Five Years After Stonewall: An Exploratory Study of Satisfaction with Police Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Persons at the 34th Annual Atlanta Pride Festival. Journal Of Homosexuality, 55(4), 619-647.


Some books on the history of policing New York City in the Lloyd Sealy Library

Selected  books on the history of the police of New York City at the Lloyd Sealy Library

 NOTE:  This list is not comprehensive, readers are strongly encouraged to search for themselves in One Search

 Abel, Roger L.  The Black shields.  Bloomington, Ind. : Author House, 2006.    Stacks   HV8148 .N5 A314 2006  

 Aldrich-Moodie, Mary Jane.    Staking out their domain : women in the New York City Police Department, 1890-1935.     Stacks   HV8148 .N52 A628 2002a  

Alexander, James I.   Blue coats : black skin : the Black experience in the New York City Police Department since 1891.   1st ed.    Hicksville, N.Y. : Exposition Press, c1978.  Special Collections  HV8148 .N52 A64 

Barnes, David M. (1863)  The draft riots in New York, July, 1863 : the metropolitan police, their services during riot week, their honorable record   New York : Baker & Godwin Special Collections Room - F 128.44 .B26 1863 (by appt only)  Available also in digital copy from the Internet Archives

Berman, Jay Stuart.   Police administration and progressive reform: Theodore Roosevelt as police commissioner of New York.    New York : Greenwood Press, 1987.    Stacks -  HV8148 .N5 B47 1987 

Cordella, Robert Henry.   The Detective Division, New York City Police Department.   [1960?]  Special Collections - LD 2602 .J3i no.34

Costello, Augustine E. Our police protectors : history of the New York police from the earliest period to the present time. [New York, N.Y.] : Published by the author, 1885, c1884 Special Collections Room - HV8148 .N5 C8 1885

Darien, Andrew T.:    Patrolling the borders : integration and identity in the New York City Police Department, 1941-1975.  Stacks -  HV 8148 .N52 D3 2000a 

Darien, Andrew T (2013) Becoming New York's finest; Race, gender, and the integration of the NYPD, 1935-1980. Basingstoke, Palgrave MacmillanThis book is available as an e-book to CUNY users (log in required)  

Fyfe, J. J., & Kane, R. (2005). Bad cops: A study of career-ending misconduct among New York City police officers. Freely available PDF

Green, James J.:   A history of the 28th Precinct./    [New York, N.Y.] : Police Dept., city of New York, [between 1976 and 1977?].  Special Collections Room -  HV8148 .N52 G732 1976z  

Hickey, John J.    Our police guardians; history of the Police Department of the city of New York, and the policing of same for the past one hundred years, also an account of my travels through Europe and America,…     Special Collections -  HV 8148 .N5 H5

Horn, Stacy.    The restless sleep: inside New York City's Cold Case Squad.     New York : Viking, 2005.  Stacks     HV8079 .H6 H66 2005

Jeffers, H. Paul.  Commissioner Roosevelt : the story of Theodore Roosevelt and the New York City police, 1895-1897.   New York : J. Wiley & Sons, c1994.   Stacks    HV 7911 .R65 J45 1994

Johnson, Marilynn S. Street justice : a history of police violence in New York City. Boston, Mass. : Beacon Press, 2003 Stacks and Reserve - HV8148 .N52 J63 2003

Karmen, Andrew  Crime and justice in New York City /  1998-1999 ed.   (has chapters on NYPD, also subway police).   Stacks HV6795 .N5 C84 1998    

Kornmann, Andrea Marie. (1887) Our police. New York, N.Y. : J.J. Little & Co - Special Collections Room

Lardner, James.    NYPD : a city and its police.      New York : Henry Holt and Co., c2000.  Reserve Room - 1 week loan   HV8148 .N5 L26 2000      

Melchionne, Theresa M.:   Policewomen : their introduction into the Police Department of the city of New York /   1962.  Stacks  LD 2602 .J3i no.49

Miller, Wilbur R. (1999) Cops and bobbies : police authority in New York and London, 1830-1870. Columbus: Ohio State University Press.

NYPD. Civilianization in the New York City Police Department : a history /  New York : New York City Police Department, 1981.    Special Collections -  HV 8148 .N52 C58 1981

NYPD:  An outline of its organization, history and functions.   [New York] : Police Dept., city of New York, [1945?]   Special Collections Room - HV 8148 .N52 N45 1945

 A Pictorial revue of the 19th century N. Y. C. Police Department.  Special Collections - HV 8138 .P52

Richardson, James F (1970) The New York Police, colonial times to 1901.  New York, Oxford Univ. Press. Stacks & Reserve - HV8148 .N5 R5

The history of police protection in New York City, 1800-1870 [microform] 1961. Microfilm Cabinets - HV 8148 .N5 R5 1961a

Sckolnik, Sam.:   Consolidation of New York City Transit Police with the New York City Police Department : history, problems, and prospects.    1972.   Stacks - LD2602 .J3i no.303

Silverman, E. B. (1999). NYPD Battles Crime: Innovative Strategies In Policing,  Stacks - HV8148 .N5 S56 2001

Walling, George W. (1887) Recollections of a New York chief of police : an official record of thirty-eight years as patrolman, detective, captain, inspector and chief of the New York police.  New York, N.Y.: Caxton Book Concern, Ltd. Special Collections Room

Whalen, B. A., & Whalen, J. (2014). The NYPD's first fifty years: politicians, police commissioners, and patrolmen. Potomac Books. Reserve Room - 3 day loan HV8148 .N5 W43 2014

Willemse, Cornelius William. (1933) A cop remembers. New York, E. P. Dutton & co., inc. Stacks - HV7914 .W616 1933a

Zacks, Richard.   Island of vice : Theodore Roosevelt's doomed quest to clean up sin-loving New York.   1st ed.  New York : Doubleday, c2012.  Stacks -  HV6795 .N5 Z33 2012

NYPD Reports

Reports written by the NYPD arranged by date, newest to oldest

2015  The NYPD Plan of Action and the Neighborhood Policing Plan: A Realistic Framework for Connection Police and Communities.

2013 Reasonable suspicion stops: precinct based comparison by stop and suspect description. Stacks - HV8148 .N52 N439 2013a  also available online

2002 Michael F. Armstrong, et al. (January 27, 2003) NYPD Review of the Central Park Jogger Case

1996 Reports related to Governor Mario Cuomo's "Safe Streets, Safe City Program" which started in 1991, are available online

1994 Productivity Special Collections - HV 7597 .D3 1994b

1994 Precinct organization: report to the Police Commissioner Special Collections - HV 7597 .D3 1994a

1991 Policing New York City in the 1990s : the strategy for community policing Reference - HV8148 .N52 N45 1991

1990  Report to the Mayor: staffing needs of the New York City Police Department. Reference - HV8148 .N52 N45 1990

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