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Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Sustainability and Environmental Justice at John Jay College

This library guide provides assistance in research topics related to sustainability and environmental justice.  Use the tabs to the left to navigate through this guide to help find the type of resources you need.

The Environmental Justice minor at John Jay College offers an interdisciplinary examination into "the interdependent problems of sustainability such as climate change, social, economic and environmental inequalities, pollution and public health concerns that are affecting our city, society, and planet today."  The academic goal is to educate students about the need to provide for human well-being while conserving the natural resources and ecological balance necessary for current and future generations.

Students will learn the basic concepts, issues, and debates surrounding sustainability, sustainable development and environmental justice. 

Visit the John Jay's Sustainability and Environmental Justice homepage to take a look at their blog and learn more about the program and upcoming events, contribute to the conversation and obtain a listing of John Jay faculty publication contributions to the study of sustainability and environmental justice. 

John Jay Sustainability Council

Sustainability Council Mission:

John Jay College is a member of Sustainable CUNY, a CUNY-wide effort across campuses to spearhead and encourage the implementation of both short term and long range sustainability policies and initiatives. John Jay's Council is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and "preparing students for the sustainability challenges of the 21st century" by cultivating "a culture of stewardship in which the entire community is aware of, engaged in, and committed to advancing environmental awareness, justice, and sustainable practices."  

The Council is dedicated to encouraging sustainability into the following areas:  energy, water, transportation, procurement, recycling, sustainable nutrition and formal education. 

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