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Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Selected Readings in Sustainability and Environmental Justice

It may be helpful to do some background reading on environmental justice and sustainability before you begin researching a specific topic.  These readings can provide a solid understanding of the general topic from different perspectives, help you find a more specific focus within the larger subject, and give you ideas for how to outline your research paper.  Here are a list of some selected readings on the topic:

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Issues to Explore

The Sustainability and Environmental minor at John Jay College is a multidisciplinary pursuit including a range of academic disciplines.  Having a particular area and/or issue on which to focus will help to develop your research query and result in finding relevant resources for your assignment.  Below are some suggestions of course related issues you may wish to explore.  Some topics listed are broad in nature, and therefore, may need to be narrowed.


natural resources

ecological balance

climate change

green criminology

environmental inequalities

pollution and recycling

renewable energy and social movements

energy efficiency practices

clean technology and chemical processes

environmental justice and political/economic initiatives

environmental justice and urban planning

environmental racism and ethics

human behavior and natural resources

water quality and economics

air quality and political issues

environmental crimes and water

alternative sources of energy

sustainable nutrition and social/economic inequities

eco art and design

wildlife crime and prevention/regulations

environmental economics and regulation/policy

global catastrophe and responsibility

literature and ecology

environmental ethics and global responsibility

NYC ecology and social/economic inequalities

food justice and government responsibility

environmental justice and public health

sustainability and human behavior

renewable energy and political initiatives/economic initiatives

environmental ethics and corporations

ecology of NYC

environmental sociology and population growth

food justice

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