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Forensic science: Reference books

A guide to finding (mostly published) information in forensic science. By Ellen Sexton.

Reference books - general forensic science

In print format only

FBI Handbook of crime scene forensics. Reference HV8073. F35 2008

Forensic chemistry handbook.  Kobilinsky, L.  Reserve HV8073. F5595. 

Forensic science. Salem Press. 3 volumes. Reference HV 8073. F5837 2009
Forensic science handbook. Saferstein. (2002).  2nd edition. Reference HV 8073 .F585 2002 (volume 1 only – for volume 2 & 3 use first edition, same call number).   

Forensic Service's directory.  (Annual).  Reference HV 8073. F62.

Guide to information sources in the forensic sciences.   Reference HV8073. H63 2006.

Wiley Encyclopedia of forensic science.  5 volumes. Reference HV 8073. W55 2009.

Reference books for toxicology and other special forensic topics


Casarett & Doull's Toxicology. 2013. 8th edition.  Reserves RA1215.C37 2013.

Color atlas of forensic pathology.  2000.  CRC Press.  Also available as an electronic book.  

Comprehensive toxicology (13 vol). Reference RA 1199.C648 1997.

Courtroom toxicology. Reference RA 1228.H68. 

CRC Handbook of basic tables for chemical analysis. 3rd edition. 2010. Electronic book.

CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics. Annual. QD65.H3

Criminal poisoning : investigational guide for law enforcement, toxicologists, forensic scientists, and attorneys.  Stacks - RA 1228 .T74 2000.  Also available as an electronic book. 

Design and analysis in chemical research. Reference QD75.4.S8 D48 2000

Detecting forgery. Reference HV 8074.N53 1996

Disposition of toxic drugs and chemicals in man. 7th edition. (Arranged in alphabetical order of the drug name). Reference  RM301.55 .B37 2004.

Encyclopedia of toxicology. 3rd edition.  (2014). Wexler, P (Ed.)  Elsevier. Available as an electronic book.

Forensic neuropathology.  2nd edition.  Ref RA 1147. L44 2009

Handbook of autopsy practice.   Reference  RB57. L8 2002.

Handbook of forensic toxicology for medical examiners. 2010.  CRC Press. Electronic book.

Handbook of toxicologic pathology, 2nd edition. Reference   RA1211 .H3196 2002

Hayes Principles and methods of toxicology. RA 1211. P74 2001

Principles of forensic toxicology. Reference RA1228.P75 1999

Resolving Erroneous Reports in Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: A Comprehensive Guide. 2012.



Advances in forensic applications of mass spectrometry.  (Yinon).  2004.  Stacks HV8073.5 .A38 2004.  Also available as an electronic book.

Atlas of human hair: Microscopic characteristics.  2nd edition.  CRC Press. 1999.  Electronic book

Ballistics: Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition. (2007). Carlucci, D. &  Jacobson, S.  CRC Press 2007.  Electronic book.
Bitemark evidence.  Stacks RA1062 .B58  2005
Chemistry foundations and applications. 4 volume encyclopedia. Reference QD4.C48 2004

Color atlas and manual of microscopy for criminalists, chemists and conservators. Reference - QH205.2 .P486 2004.

Encyclopedia of climate and weather. Reference QC 854.E523 2011

Encyclopedia of DNA & the U.S. criminal justice system. Ref   RA1057.55 P34 2004.

Essential guide to blood groups.  2010.  Wiley-Blackwell. Electronic book.

Forensic anthropology and medicine.  Stacks RA1059 .F672  2006

Forensic human identification   Stacks RA1055 .F67  2007  

Handbook of firearms and ballistics. 2nd edition.  Heard, B. . 2008. Electronic book.

Handbook of forensic drug analysis. Reference RA 1160.H36 2005.

Pigment compendium: a dictionary of historical pigments.  Reference TP 936. P575 2004. 

Questioned documents: A lawyer's handbook.  Reference  HV 8074 .L48 2001.

Rape investigation handbook.  Reference HV 8079.R35R36 2005

Terminal Ballistics:  A Text and Atlas of Gunshot Wounds.  Dodd, M. (2005). CRC Press.  Electronic book.

Truth machine: the contentious history of DNA fingerprinting.  Ref RA 1057 .55 .L96 2008

Electronic encyclopedia collections

These collections allow you to search across multiple different encyclopedias and dictionaries.  Using an encyclopedia is a great way to start your research, by getting an overview of the topic. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library.    Full text of more than 250 specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographical directories and other reference books in the subject fields of criminal justice, economics, history, literature, psychology, religion, science, world cultures, etc.   [Click here for alternate access via library barcode]

Oxford Reference Online Premium.   Access to over 175 reference books from Oxford University Press, including language dictionaries, and reference works in art, science, classics, business, history, law, literature, medicine, geography, performing arts, philosophy, and social science.   [Click here for alternate access via library barcode]

Sage e-Reference Collection.  A collection of over 70 subject encyclopedias, including major titles in criminal justice, research methods, psychology, and social issues from Sage publishers.