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Forensic science: Peer reviewed journals

A guide to finding (mostly published) information in forensic science. By Ellen Sexton.

Use the Library's Browzine app to browse through forensic science journals

But for more efficient way to find articles on a specific topic, use a database such as SCOPUS.

Notable forensic science journals

Forensic Science International and supplement series Also available in print format on shelves in periodicals area, call number RA1001.F6

Forensic Science International Genetics and supplement series 

Forensic Science Policy & Management  

International Journal of Legal Medicine   

Investigative Genetics    

Journal of Forensic Identification Also available in print format on shelves in periodicals area, call number Periodicals HV8073.I3

Journal of Forensic Sciences Also available in print format on shelves in periodicals area, call number Periodicals RA1001.A57

Science and Justice (formerly the Journal of the Forensic Science Society). (UK publication). Periodicals RA 1001.F63

Forensic science review. (very long articles reviewing technical topics).   Older issues shelved in the Periodicals area on the upper floor of the library at call number  HV 8073.F589   

American Chemical Society Journals collection  Not forensic science, but very useful!  FULL-TEXT articles from the full runs of 25 of the American Chemical Society journals. Includes Analytical Chemistry.   

Here's a searchable list of ALL the journals we have access to in electronic form.   Note a few journals are still only available in print format.

Top science journals and magazines

Journals:  (contain peer reviewed articles)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Journal of the American Medical Association.


New England Journal of Medicine.

Journal of immunology.

JOVE: the Journal of Visualized Experiments.  A video journal for demonstrating laboratory techniques.  (Mostly open -source but unfortunately not all articles are available).

Magazines: (written for the general public; do not contain peer reviewed articles)

Scientific American

New Scientist

Science news

Popular science

About journals & articles

What are scientific journals?   Wikipedia but good.

How to read a scientific paper (fun exploration of the problems, in AAAS Science magazine).