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History 425 -Spring 2015: Historical encyclopedias

Quick guide for students by Ellen Sexton. esexton [at]

Reference books

Tools for getting background information

Use the electronic Gale Virtual Reference Library  Or the Oxford Reference Online Premium.



For print format encyclopedias, browse reference shelves around call numbers starting with the letters D, E, F.

D   world history.             D720-728 = period between WWI and WWII.   DA = history of Great Britain     DD = history of Germany.   

DE  = Greco Roman world.                           E    history of the Americas, United States.

F History of the Americas, Local history in the U.S.   South and Central America.


(of course books in the stacks have the same call number ranges - it's a great idea to browse the stacks too. Many historians have stumbled across interesting books in this way, through the "serendipity of the stacks"). 


All of the following are shelved in the REFERENCE AREA on the upper floor of the library.




Cambridge ancient history   D57. C252

Civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean   DE59. C55

Oxford history of the classical world   DE59. O94

Civilizations of the ancient near east   DS57. C55 1995

Barrington atlas of the Greek and Roman world  G1033 .B3 200   (shelved in atlas area between reference desk and windows)



Dictionary of the Middle Ages   D114. D5

Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages   D114. O94 2010

Cambridge medieval history   D117. C32

Rise of the medieval world 500-1300 a biographical dictionary.   




New Cambridge modern history and atlas  D208. N4

Chronology of the modern world   D209. W59

Holocaust encyclopedia (Laqueur).  D804. 25. H66 2001

Encyclopedia of the third reich   DD256. 5. G 76313 

Critical dictionary of the French revolution  DC148. D5313

A short history of the twentieth century.  (Lukacs, 2013).



Cambridge encyclopedia of Russia   DK14. C395 1994

Encyclopedia of Asian history  DS31. E53

Cambridge history of Islam  DS35. 6. C3

Modern Islamic world  DS35. 53. O95

Encyclopedia of African history and culture  DT3. P27 2001

Cambridge history of Africa   DT20. C28




Handbook of North American Indians  E77.H25

United States in the 19th century  E169. I. E626

The annals of America  E173. A793

Dictionary of American history  E174. D52 2003

Oxford companion to U.S. history   E174. O94 2001

Black women in American history  E185. 86. B543

Revolutionary America: a bibliography   E208. G42

Slavery abolition and emancipation   E446. S617 1999

Historical dictionary of the 1920s.  E784. O44

Historical dictionary of the new deal   E806. H58

Encyclopedia of New York City   F128. 3. E75 2010

Records of New Amsterdam: 1653-1674.      F128. 4. N53

Encyclopedia of the American West  F591. E485 1996




Cambridge history of Latin America  F 1410 .C1834

Handbook of Middle American Indians   F1434. H3

Handbook of South American Indians F2229. S75



Most of our atlases are generally shelved on the wide shelves between the reference desk and windows (=index area), but sometimes they travel back to the reference area. It's good to check both areas.


Historical atlas  G1030. S4

Barrington atlas of the Greek and Roman world    Index area G1033 .B3 200

Penguin historical atlas of Ancient Greece  G1033. M67

World atlas of archaeology  G1046. E15 W6

Atlas of the ancient world G1033. O5


World explorers and discoverers  G200. W67

Atlas of the trans-Atlantic slave trade       Index area  G2446. E6 25 E48 2010

Illustrated atlas of Jewish civilization G1030. G48

Atlas of Jewish history  G1030. L45


Atlas of world war I.  G1037. G5

Atlas of the second world war  G1038. Y6

MacMillan Atlas of the Holocaust G1797 .21. E29 G48


The mapping of North America   Reference area GA401. B87

Atlas of the Lewis and Clark expeditions G1380.A78

Atlas of the civil war  G1201. S5 A85

Historical atlas of political parties in the United States  G1201. F9 M26

Historical atlas of the United States congressional districts 1789-1983.  G1201. F9 M3













Encyclopedias chosen by Prof Di Lorenzi

See also the list of reference works maintained by  historian Prof Di Lorenzi.