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RefWorks: Home

Information on using this web-based bibliographic citation management service

What is RefWorks?

Login to RefWorks

RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic citation management service that is useful for tracking citations, generating bibliographies, citing sources in papers, and organizing your research. RefWorks is provided by the Sealy Library through the student technology fee. RefWorks allows you to:

  • Create your own database of citations housed on the RefWorks server which can be accessed by any web-accessible computer. You can get access to your data from anywhere! Home, work, on campus or off.
  • Download selected results from library periodical databases and CUNY+, the library catalog.
  • Generate bibliographies effortlessly in APA and many other bibliographic styles (MLA, Chicago, Turabian,etc.)
  • Write papers using MS Word and insert citations as you write and generate a reference list for end of paper using the Write-N-Cite feature.
  • Export your RefWorks database to your personal computer for use in other bibiliographic management software programs such as EndNote, ProCite, & Reference Manager.

Getting started

 Set up a new RefWorks account (see link inside box on left side) OR login to existing RefWorks account

Please note: if  you are off-campus when using either of the above links you will be prompted to  authenticate yourself as a John Jay student, faculty or staff member with your John Jay email user name and password.  You will then have to login to RefWorks

To use RefWorks on your mobile device, go to:

"Accessing RefWorks" video tutorial


Legacy RefWorks vs. New RefWorks?

There are currently two versions of RefWorks available - legacy (original) and the new version. You may come across the option to choose between the two if you are exporting from article databases. You may continue to use legacy or move your material to the new version. Legacy will continue to remain available at least through the end of 2017.

Legacy RefWorks users who want to transfer their libraries have two options:

  1. Soft migration:
    When you log into the Legacy RefWorks, you will see a link at the top of the screen that says, “Migrate to new RefWorks… “. Choosing that link will move your account data to the new ProQuest RefWorks. You will be prompted to login to the new ProQuest RefWorks with the email address that you used in Legacy RefWorks. You may choose to create a new login. Your ProQuest RefWorks account will be created and all your records and folders will be copied from Legacy RefWorks.
  2. From within the New Proquest RefWorks:
    This requires that you have already created an account in the new version of Proquest RefWorks using your John Jay username and password. Use "Import References" from the Add menu icon to move your references from the old to the new RefWorks. You can maintain both accounts and do this migration multiple times (if you wish).

Am I on Legacy RefWorks or New RefWorks?

The links for both versions of RefWorks are below.

It is possible to have accounts on both platforms, but it is only possible to import new citations to one. We advise that once you migrate your citations from the legacy RefWorks to the new ProQuest that you no longer use the legacy RefWorks.

Legacy RefWorks logo