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Science: Humor and social media

By Ellen Sexton. How to get authoritative information on science topics. How to find articles, books and more written by scientists.

Social media

 I F*ing Love Science:     and

Science magazine on Twitter.

The blogs at Popular Science magazine

The blogs at Scientific American (magazine).  Including the Urban Scientist: A hip hop maven blogs on urban ecology, evolutionary biology & diversity in the sciences and Cross-check: Critical views of science in the news

Podcasts from Science and Nature

AsapScience on tumblr    

Hufington Post suggests scientists to follow: physicistsNeuroscientists and Biologists and Chemists.

From Teachthought: A 100 scientists on Twitter.

Mashable: 15 Twitter accounts for incredible science facts.

Business Insider: 40 scientists to follow on social media  . 

Dodo:  Conservationists on Twitter.

The American Geophysical Union blogosphere.


Academic networking sites

Mendeley  (merged with