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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice


A guide to Anthropology resources at the Lloyd Sealy Library by Barbara Carrel and Ellen Belcher


This library guide contains resources designed to help you in your research in anthropology related topics. Open the various tabs across the top for learning about and accessing different types of resources.

Anthropology @ John Jay

The John Jay College Department of Anthropology offers two major degrees of study along with a minor.

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology:

A focus in Cultural Anthropology:  the "knowledge of regions, peoples, cultures, international/global issues; skills to research, analyze, communicate, work and use information in global, cross-cultural settings; and values of respect and concern for other cultures and peoples...and applying that knowledge to social problems that affect their own communities."

Students will "develop skills in ethnographic research methods and make use of anthropological knowledge in contemporary settings in the New York City region by engaging in urban fieldwork."

Deviance, Crime and Culture, Bachelor of Arts (an interdisciplinary study, formerly Bachelor of Arts in Deviant Behavior and Social Control):

An "interdisciplinary and ethnographic approach to...research, analyze and understand deviance and crime in the context of culture."

A focus on ethnographic fieldwork and "first-hand study of social problems, theoretical training in cross-cultural analysis, in social, political and structural inequality and in historical and contemporary interventions aimed at achieving social justice."

Students have the "opportunity to develop their own areas of expertise such as interpersonal violence, crime and transgression and individual and group conflict...[and the professional skills to prepare them] for either careers or advanced study in the fields of criminal and social justice, law enforcement, community justice and intervention, civic activism and social science research."

Minor in Anthropology at John Jay College

Provides students with "exposure to the range of human variation across time and space and a comprehensive background in cross-cultural studies."