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Guide for Library Research on Gun Issues


2nd Amendment

The debate over guns and gun rights has long raged in the American political landscape. This Libguide is here to help you begin to conduct research on gun issues from all angles including both gun control and gun rights. If you have a project that deals with any of gun related issue then this libguide should be able to get you started with the available resources.

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When searching CUNY+ for books, consider setting the search to "Keyword in Title" and entering "2nd Amendment" or "Guns" as the search term. This will provide you with a list of books that deal with a significantly sized listing of books on the topic.

Also consider setting the search to "Subject" and entering  "2nd Amendment" or "Guns" as the search term. If you require more materials set the search to "All Fields" and enter in general search terms like"Weapons" or "Constitutional Rights" as the search terms. This will also provide you with a listing of relevant books and materials.

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