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Faculty Scholarship Resources: Home

Resources to assist faculty with understanding, locating, and collecting bibliometric measures related to their scholarly output. An overview of emerging alternative methods of research assessment.


This guide is designed to help faculty gather quantitative and qualitative information on their scholarly output. Such information is useful to include in the faculty report and self evaluation ("Form C") required for reappointment, tenure and promotion applications. (Faculty Personnel Process Guidelines can be found here.)


Resources on the following pages of this guide will provide information on addressing the Publications section on Form C (it can be found on and downloaded from the Faculty Services page).

It is helpful to the multidisciplinary review committees to understand the quality of your work. As such, you should - as best you are able - provide evidence of the quality of the published and creative works through measures conventional to your discipline. For journal articles, provide an indication of the quality of the scholarly outlet (e.g., the impact factor, acceptance or rejection rate, circulation numbers, or other method of evaluation appropriate to the discipline). Indicate number of citations to each scholarly work, if any, and the source of the citation data.

Bibliometric Indicators and Assessment

This guide organizes information and resources related to bibliometric indicators, such as impact factor, citation count, h-index, acceptance rates, and others. 

Many academic institutions partially rely on these measures to assess the research productivity and quality of their faculty.