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CUNY Academic Works: Why post?

How to post your work to our institutional repository

Why would you want your work on the CUNY Academic Works repository?

  • To increase access to your work.
  • To  increase the potential impact of your work.
  • Your  citation count may increase
  • To make your work more discoverable; the repository site is indexed by Google and other search engines. 
  • Your work will have a permanent URL.
  • Many of our students go on to work in underfunded non-profits that will never have the budget to subscribe to the journal in which you just published. But they are in a position to apply your research results in the real world, now. 
  • Maybe you are already posting to a discipline based repository like Social Science Research Network.  You can still do that, too. 
  • Unlike certain commercial social networking sites that will go nameless, our repository will never be monetized.  There are no venture capitalists working out how to make money out of the site.
  • Posting to our institutional repository will raise the research profile of John Jay College and CUNY amongst the general public, especially the New York State tax payers.   Maybe even among the politicians we elect. We need public support. 
  • CUNY is committed to maintaining the repository for the long term.  Content will be migrated to a better software platform should one become available.  Once your article is posted, it is here and freely accessible permanently.

More about Academic Works

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