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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Emerging Infectious Diseases (COVID-19, influenza, Ebola etc): Civil liberties, economic aspects, etc.

Databases to help you find academic articles on the non-medical aspects of epidemics

SocIndex      (indexes articles published in sociology journals).  Example:


Criminal Justice Abstracts  (indexes articles published in criminal justice journals)

Project Muse ( Indexes philosophy journals)

LexisNexis for law review articles. 

Public Administration Abstracts 

SCOPUS   Especially good for biomedical topics, this is also a good search tool for finding articles from sociology and humanities journals.


Good words and phrases to combine in a search for issues regarding the ethics of quarantines, and other non-clinical questions raised by contagious disease outbreaks:

quarantine* AND "ethical aspects"

the asterisk * truncates, so that  quarantine*  will retrieve the words quarantine and quarantines

epidemics AND economic*     retrieves the words economic and economics


"public health"  AND "civil liberties"

"police power" AND "public health"

(disease* or health) and "human rights"

"patients' rights"

(epidemics OR "contagious diseases") AND ethics

"public health"  AND ( "human rights" OR civil rights OR "civil liberties")