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New York City: Research and History: Links

Guide for Library Research on NYC and its Neighborhoods

More Information

"Ford to City: Drop Dead!"On this page you can find links to materials avaiable on the Internet concerning New York City and its various neighborhoods as well as how to find your government representative.

New York Traffic 1970s

NYC Traffic in the 1970s


Zigzag Records

Below are a listing of some local New York neighborhood newspapers.


Brooklyn Eagle (1849-1955)

Canarsie Courier

The Brooklyn Paper


Queens and Bronx

Bronx Times

Times Ledger


Manhattan and General

The Chief


Gotham Gazette

New York Daily News

The Observer

New York Post

The Sun

Villiage Voice

The Villager


Times Square 1970s

Official Site of the New York City Police Department
Official Site of the City of New York

Metropolitan Transportation Authority New York City Transit
Information, schedules and fares for subways, buses, railroads, bridges and tunnels.

New York: A City of Neighborhoods
The NYC Department of Planning introduction to the Neighborhoods of NY.

New York City Administrative Code
Scroll down to the Miscellaneous Section (bottom of webpage) to find this link --- site maintained by the NY State Legislature

NYC Community Pages
The various Official community pages for the five boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan.

NYC Archeological Reports
A complete list of all the archeological reports on file with the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

NYC Department of Records Research Guides
A list of Research Guides and resources on a variety of topics available from the New York City Municipal Library.

NYC Vital Statistics
Births, death, communicable diseases, data of interest for public health professionals and others.

Manhattan 1972

Broadway 1970s

Broadway NYC 1972 (Found Here)

Find Your Representative

United States Congress

If you are interested (or have been assigned to find) who your representative is in both the state and federal government, click on one of the links below to find out.

New York City Council  
Find NYC Council Members

NY State Assembly - Member Search  
Search for your Assembly Member by Street Address, City or Zip Code

NY State Senate
Use the Find My Senator Search box to locate your State Senator

U.S. House of Representatives  
Click on New York to see list of Representatives from New York

U.S. Senate
Click on Senators tab and select New York to see Senators from New York