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Human Rights: Books

Your guide to books, articles and other resources on human rights.

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The Library of Congress classification system is how the Lloyd Sealy Library organizes its print collection. It is an A-Z system that organizes materials broadly by topic and then subtopics within topics. Most books on human rights can be found under the following call numbers:
K covers the law topics of jurisprudence, comparative law, international trade and human rights 
KZ covers topics relating to the law of nations and includes human rights as a subtopic
JC covers topics relating to political science and numbers
beginning with JC570 cover the subtopic of human rights
Click here if you want a more comprehensive list of the Library of Congress classification system.

For books concerning human rights that are not primarily law or political science books you may need to look outside of the above call numbers. See the Featured Books box for a small sample of the breadth of resources that relate to human rights issues. 

Search term ideas

Below are some possible search terms to use  to find resources on topics relating to Human Rights:

human rights AND [enter name of country]

human rights AND Advocacy

human rights AND globalization

human rights AND case studies

human rights AND cross-cultural studies

human rights AND developing countries

human rights AND economic aspects

human rights AND government policy

human rights AND health aspects

human rights in literature

human rights AND international cooperation

human righs AND prisons

human rights AND police