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Social Activism, Civil Disobedience and Anti-Racism Movements: Occupy Wall Street

A guide on Activism, Protest, Social Movements and Police Response to Civil Unrest

Historical Background of Occupy Movement

BEFORE “OCCUPY WALL STREET” NOTES ON PRIOR NEW YORK CITY PROTESTS AGAINST ECONOMIC CRISES is a resource on previous economic crises and resulting protest movements in NYC including those of 1792, 1837, 1857, 1874, 1930, 2011

Occupy Movement Web Links


Global Revolution

Occupy Global Voice Chat Network

Occupy Stream

Occupy Together

Occupy Together Field Manual

Occupy Wall Street

OccupyTV's YouTube Channel

The Occupied Wall Street Journal

Occupy Wall Street Blog at the Nation

Occupationalist has an interactive map and twitter feed, from the occupations worldwide.

The Occupy Archive has organised it's collections by location here.

Follow the occupations on Twitter using the hashtag #Occupy or #OWS

Occupy Streams is a conglomerate of video streams from all the occupations.

NYC Occupy Wall Street Movement

The General Assembly - NYCGA website - Begun in the Summer of 2011, The General Assembly of NYC continues to be the mechanism whereby decisions on the NYC Occupy Wall Street Movement are concensed upon - including the decision to Occupy Wall Street on September 17, 2011. The minutes of all OWS NYC GA meetings are posted here. Most of the working groups, committees and caucuses formed within the Occupation are represented here, and post their documents, announcements, meetings and events here. An OWS NYC Operational Spokescouncil was formed in October 2011 and the minutes of those meetings are posted here.

Other NYC Links
Occupy Guitarmy

OccupyWallStreetNYC on Twitter

Occupy Wall Street FaceBook Page also has a  Twitter feed

Occupy Wall Street NYC LiveFeed video on LiveStream

Occupy Wall Street Movement in the News

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Other Library Guides on OWS

Please note that many of the links in these guides are specific to the Universities and Colleges where they were created and will not work for John Jay College or CUNY patrons, though we may have the same resource accessible through our website.

Anarchism Guide by Tina Bebbington, University of Victoria, Canada

Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Together By Jane Scales at Washington State University

Occupy Wall Street  By Debra Thomson at Rhode Island College

Occupy Wall Street  By Karen Jean Hunt at Duke University

Occupy Movement Research Guide By Patti Ryan at York University

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WALL STREET OCCUPIERS - AN EXPLANATION  By Steve Kronen at Miami Dade College InterAmerican Campus