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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Streaming video and other media at the Lloyd Sealy Library: Linking to films

To successfully share Library content, you must use a permanent URL that routes through our proxy server.  For most of our resources that means adding our proxy server prefix before the permanent URL for the video or article.  Please test URLs before sharing them. 

Our proxy server prefix is

Sharing permanent URLs for Films on Demand videos

In FIlms On Demand, click the word "share" below the video window, and then "embed link".  Copy the embed link, it should include the JJ proxy server prefix.

The permanent URL will look something like this: 

  Note it should include a string fod

Sometimes, the embed link leaves out the proxy server prefix.  If you do not see the JJ proxy prefix, PLEASE ADD IT BEFORE THE  video URL. That is,



We are aware of problems with some Films On Demand URLs in OneSearch. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we are working on it.  If you have a URL that contains the string  digital.films  or the string avod , it is old & may not work.  Please replace it; navigate to the Films On Demand platform, search for your video, and copy the embed url that has the fod string in it. 


Sharing permanent URLs to Sage Criminology Videos

Click the pink link icon, then copy the contents of the permalink field. 

IF the permalink does not include the jj proxy prefix, add it  before the permalink.  E.g.  

Sharing permanent URLs for AVON videos

AVON videos are described on the Proquest platform, but play on an Alexander Street platform. You may choose to link to the Proquest record or to the video itself on the Alex st site. I recommend using the Proquest link, but both will work..

The metadata describing the video on the Proquest platform has a cleaner link, and looks better.  Scroll down to the "Document URL' field below the video window, and copy it.  The link will look similar to this:  


Or, on the Alexander Street site, look below the video window for the words "embed".  Click that, then copy the embed permanent link shown.  The embed link should include our JJ proxy prefix.  It will look something like this:

Sharing permanent URLs to Docuseek documentaries

Look for the   LINK TO/EMBED   button immediately below or above the film window.  Then copy the contents of the  Permanent Link field. E.g.     


Sharing permanent URLs to Kanopy films

Click the Share icon underneath the video window.  Copy the contents of the "Share link" field.  e.g.

Kanopy links do not need to include the JJ proxy prefix.