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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Reentry, Probation and Parole

Issues and resources related to persons or individuals with prior justice system involvement as well as those currently on probation, parole or other community or correctional supervision and their social, cultural, economic and physical reintegration int

Statistics are Tricky!

 Finding statistics can be tricky. You may not find       the data compiled exactly the way you want it.   Be creative. Use, analyze and work with the statistics   you find.

  Be mindful of:

  •   Who's compiling and/or analyzing the data
  •   The unit(s) of data being measured
  •   Time period covered
  •   Relevance to your research


Online Statistics

New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

This page offers links to reports that include analysis and statistics on incarcerated and released prisoners in New York State. Including reports on recidivism,  Parole Board dispositions, merit time, and other reports.

Reentry Facts & Trends, Justice Center, The Council of State Governments

Reentry Trends in the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics

This BJS site offers statistics on inmates returning to the community after serving time in prison.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, you may find statistics in Section 6, Persons Under Correctional Supervision. 2003 is the last year received in paper by the library and is available in print at the Reference Desk HV6787 .A27. Older editions back to 1973 are shelved in Ref HV6787 .A27.


Criminal Justice Statistics in Print

Crime in the United States. New York: Bernan Press. (Reference and Reference Desk latest edition, Ref HV 6787.A32)