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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Reentry, Probation and Parole

Issues and resources related to prisoners' release from incarceration and their reintegration into local communities and society at large. Includes resources on probation and parole and other community and correctional supervision after release.

Reference Materials: Encyclopedias, Handbooks, etc.

Reference materials are a good way to begin your research.

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Selected Readings in Reentry, Probation and Parole

Selected readings from online encyclopedias on prisoner and/or offender reentry, probation and/or parole.


Abadinsky, H. (2002). Parole.  In D. Levinson (Ed.), Encyclopedia of crime and punishment (pp. 1128-1132). Sage Publications.

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Criminal Justice/Corrections Encyclopedias in Print

Subject specific print encyclopedias and handbooks are available in the Reference section of the Lloyd Sealy Library (on the 2nd Floor of the Library either in the reference stacks or behind the Reference Desk). Criminal justice encyclopedias and handbooks, for the most part, have entries under the heading: prisoner (or offender) reentry, parole, and probation. Some related topics may include:

  • Prisons
  • Rehabilitation
  • Restorative justice
  • Recidivism

Here are some print criminal justice encyclopedias:

Bryant, C.D. (Ed.). (2001). Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior (Vols. 1-4). Brunner-Routledge. Reference HV 6017 .E53 2001

Dressler J. (Ed.). (2002). Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice (2nd ed., Vols. 1-4). Macmillan Reference. Reference HV 6017 .E52 2002

Levinson, D. (Ed.). (2002). Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment (Vols. 1-4). Sage Publications. Reference HV 6017 .E524 2002

Sullivan. L. (Ed.). (2005). Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement (Vols. 1-3). Sage Publications. Reference HV 7921 .E53 2005

Wright, R.A. & Miller, J.M. (Eds.). (2005). Encyclopedia of Criminology (Vols. 1-3). Routledge. Reference HV 6017 .E5295

Online Reference Sources

Books with Computer Mouse attached

Our Library has access to a wide variety of criminal justice and social science encyclopedias which provide a broad overview of your topic.

Enter your key words (s) or phrase(s) in the search box OR browse the List of Entries or Subject Index of a particular encyclopedia to find information on your topic.  For example:

women offenders and reentry

race and reentry

felon disenfranchisement


Cross-discipline Encyclopedias:

Gale EBooks (Formerly Gale Virtual Reference Library)

Sage Knowledge Collection

Criminal Justice Encyclopedias:

21st century criminology: A reference handbook, 2009

Annual Review of Criminology

Crime, prisons, and jails, 2014

Encyclopedia of crime and punishment  (Vols. 1-4), 2002

Encyclopedia of criminal justice ethics. 2014

Encyclopedia of criminology and criminal justice, 2014

Encyclopedia of juvenile justice, 2003

Encyclopedia of prisons & correctional facilities, (Vols. 1-2), 2005

Encyclopedia of race and crime, 2009

Encyclopedia of white-collar & corporate crime, (Vols. 1-2), 2005

Corrections, 2011

Oxford Bibliographies--Criminology

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice   

West's encyclopedia of American law, 2nd edition, (Vols. 1-13), 2004