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Guide for materials published and produced by the John Jay College faculty and staff available in the collections of the Lloyd Sealy Library. By Maria Kiriakova and Ellen Belcher

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Article: Book 'em Dano!

Oliver, W. M., Swindell, S., Marks, J., & Balusek, K. (2009). Book 'em Dano: The Scholarly Productivity of Institutions and Their Faculty in Criminal Justice Books. Southwest Journal Of Criminal Justice, 6(1), 59-78.

Abstract: A number of studies have assessed the status of criminal justice programs through peer review, institutional affiliation in journals, and citation analysis in both journals and textbooks. No study to date has attempted to analyze the institutional affiliation of authors through criminal justice books. An analysis of books available to criminal justice academics was conducted at the 2006 ACJS annual meeting. This study assesses the leading criminal justice book authors and ranks their institutional affiliation. Findings revealed that John Jay College and Eastern Kentucky University were the most productive institutions and had the most productive faculty.


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