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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Special Collections - Lloyd Sealy Library: John Jay College Archives

This is a guide to the Manuscript Collections, Rare Books and John Jay College Archives in the Special Collections at the Lloyd Sealy Library of John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Consulting Special Collections

Please see also: This Page on Resources on the History of John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

If after checking the listings and links below you have determined that what you need is not available online, in our Open Stacks (including items cataloged as "Special Collections") or you found something cataloged as "Special Collections Room", we welcome you to make an appointment with us to consult The John Jay College Archives materials please contact us at libspcoll [at]

We welcome donations of all John Jay College materials to the Archives! If you have something to donate, please get in touch.

Available resources on the history of John Jay College include:

About the John Jay College Archives

The John Jay College Archives are part of the Special Collections of the Lloyd Sealy Library. It comprises approximately 400 linear feet of records from 1965 to the present and documents the college’s administrative, faculty and staff offices as well as students’ organizations and publications. The archives holds a wide variety of material such as correspondence, reports, studies, newspapers, newsletters, brochures, college yearbooks, bulletins, audiotapes, videotapes, photographs, and architectural plans.  

The college archives includes minutes, correspondence, reports, publications and printed materials in the records various administrative offices such as the President’s Office, the Vice Presidents' Offices, the Office of Public Relations, the College Council, the Student Council, the Office of Institutional Research. Also included are reports, publications and minutes of faculty bodies such as the Faculty Senate; files of various academic departments and offices and student groups. Please inquire about these materials and to make an appointment to consult them in our Special Collections Room.

Some of the most requested materials in the College Archives are also available online including college council proceedings, historical photographs; college commencement programs; undergraduate and graduate course bulletins; yearbooks, and promotional materials of the college.

For John Jay publications and reports in the Library it is recommended to browse the stacks and open special collections under call numbers LD2602 .J27 -LD2602 .J299.

Here is a list of where many John Jay College materials can be found:

College Bulletins

Media and News Clippings about John Jay College

College Council Records

  • Agendas and minutes are available online (2010-present), digitally available (2006-2009) and in the Library (1984-2007)
  • Additional records, including earlier College Charters, minutes and subcommittee minutes are available by appointment in our Special Collections Room

John Jay College Publications and Reports

Office of Institutional Research Publications

  • Fact Book digitally available and in the Library (1990 - present) 
  • various OIR surveys are available online and in the library as well as by appointment
  • For other OIR reports in the library please check the catalog, nearly all OIR reports are arranged chronologically in our Special Collections Room and are available to consult by appointment.

   The materials in the John Jay College Archives are available by appointment with the Special Collections Librarian

Middle States Reports

Middle States Commission on Higher Education is the agency which accredits this college.  Major re-accreditation self-studies and external committee review reports are every 10 years, there are also mid-term monitoring and other reports.  Duplicate and additional reports are available by appointment in the Special Collections Room by emailing

John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

(1966) College of Police Science, City University of New York report to Middle States Association Special Collections - LD2602.J299 C64 1966

(1969) Report to the Middle States Association Special Collections - LD2602.J299 J6 1969

(1974) Self-study. Special Collections - LD2602 .J299 J6 1974

(1975) Response to Middle States Evaluation Team report. Special Collections - LD2602.J299 J6 1975a

(1975) Toward excellence in criminal justice education: 1976-79 : a period of appraisal : the Advanced Institutional Development Plan (two volumes) Special Collections - LD 2602 .J299 J6 1975b

(1982) Directions for excellence in criminal justice education. (two volumes) Special Collections - LD2602 .J299 J6 1982

(1987) Middle States Association periodic review report. Special Collections - LD 2602 .J299 J6 1987b

(1992) Self Study Special Collections - LD 2602 .J299 J6 1992b

(1993) Self Study. Special Collections - LD 2602 .J299 J6 1993

(2003) Self Study Report - Special Collections - LD2602 .J299 J6 2003

(2005) Monitoring report: strategic plan, outcomes assessment, facilities plan. Special Collections - LD2602 .J299 J6 2005b

(2013) Comprehensive self-study submitted by President Jeremy Travis to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Special Collections & Reserve - LD2602 .J299 J6 2013

Middle States Commission on Higher Education

(1975) Report to the faculty, administration, trustees, students of John Jay College of Criminal Justice

(1993) Report to the faculty, administration, trustees, students of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York. Special Collections - LD2602 .J299 M52 1993

(1995) Report of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools evaluation of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Branch Campus, Gurabo, Puerto Rico. Special Collections - LD 2602 .J299 M52 1995

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