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Speech 113: Speeches

Resources for students taking Speech Communication 113

Finding Speeches On the Web

To find speeches (transcripts, videos, or related news) by a particular individual, search by entering both the person's name and the word "speech."

To watch speeches captured on video, search within Videos. To read news reports related to the individual's speeches, search within News.

Published Speeches

Transcripts of many historic speeches have been collected in anthologies. The library holds print and e-books in which you will find texts of the most famous and influential speeches.

Online Speech Archives:Civic Engagement

You might also explore some sites that offer access to transcripts, audio, and/or videos of well-known speeches.

C-SPAN Video Library is a digital archive of C-SPAN videos. You can search or browse its contents.

Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches From Around the World archives transcripts of speeches by women. You can browse the collection by the speaker's last name.

History and Politics Out Loud is a searchable archive of audio materials, including speeches, that relate to American history and politics.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project provides access to some of M.L. King's most influential speeches.

 Social Justice Speeches Project brings together transcripts of some of the famous speeches from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Voices of Democracy (the U.S. Oratory Project) is dedicated to "the study of great speeches and public debates." Speeches are organized into topics that include Citizenship & Civic Identity, Civil Rights, Freedom of Speech, and Social & Economic Justice. Each speech transcript is accompanied by an interpretive essay, a list of suggested resources, and teaching-learning materials.

Online Speech Archives: Presidency

The American Presidency Project (audioarchive) has collected audio recordings of presidential addresses and remarks. You will also find transcripts of inagural addresses, convention speeches, and press briefings on this site (look at the menu on the left side).

Great Debate & Beyond is a site maintained by the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. It covers presidential debates from 1960 to 2000. There are transcripts, audio/video clips, press commentaries, and memos for each debate.

Inaugural Presidential Addresses is a collection of transcripts of all presidential inagural addresses since George Washington.

Presidential Speech Archive is maintained by the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia. Speeches are arranged by president, in reverse chronological order. Depending on the availability of the format, you may read the transcript, listen to an audio recording, or view a video.