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Ebooks: SpringerLink

About the SpringerLink Collection

The University has purchased a large ebook collection from Springer. The collection's strengths are in science, technology, and mathematics. All books in the collection were published between 2009 and 2011 and are available on an unlimited basis so many users can use the same book at the same time. Currently, these books can not be downloaded to mobile devices.

How to Search the SpringerLink Collection

Springer Ebooks reside on the same platform as Springer Journals. When searching on the Springerlink platform, be aware that not all books and journals indexed here are freely available to John Jay patrons. If something is available to you, a little green box will appear the the left of the result. The books are cataloged in CUNY+ and you may find them that way. However, if you do wish to use the Springerlink platform to perform a search on Springerr Ebooks, you may first choose which format you'd like to search:

If you want to search only for Ebooks, click on the Books link as displayed above. Then, enter your terms in the search box:

After performing your search, you can narrow your results:

Results in the SpringerLink Collections

After performing a search, results are displayed at the chapter level. If you click on the chapter title, you can then either look at related materials on the topic in other books or journals, or you can click on the book tab so that you can see the table of contents of the book and view the other chapters:

John Jay patrons do not have access to all the material displayed on the Springerlink platform. If it is available to you, the little square to the left of the chapter title will be green:

Ebooks help

Need help with viewing, downloading, or printing ebooks?

Use our step-by-step ebook helper!

Printing in SpringerLink

Printing is at the chapter level. Once you've opened up a pdf of a chapter, click on the familiar print icon from the tool bar above the text:


and then click on okay to print the entire chapter or choose a page range.