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45th President of the United States, Trump & The 2016 Election: Getting Started

Subject Headings and Keywords

Try searching Academic Search Complete, Gale Virtual Reference or the CUNY+ catalog or OneSearch with the following subject headings and keywords:

Subject Headings (for searching by subject in CUNY+ or OneSearch): Executive power -- United States. | Presidents -- United States. | United States -- Politics and government.

Keywords: Try using a combination of words in any database such as:  President AND Power | Executive Power AND United States | Donald Trump | Checks AND Balances AND United States |

To keep focused on your day and catch up the daily goings on in the Trump Presidency, try What the F[*expletive*] Just Happened Today? which links to major news sources reporting 5-10 of the biggest stories of the day. | If you are having trouble focusing in these times, here are two blog posts with concrete suggestions for staying engaged while keeping up with your research and writing |

President Trump's Executive Orders, Memos 2017

White House Executive Orders from the 45th President of the United States. 

CNN Trump's executive orders, memorandums and proclamations 1/28/2017  & What Trump has done so far and what does it all mean?

Washington Post What is an executive order? And how do President Trump’s stack up?

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Mantel, B. (2017, January 6). Trump presidency. CQ researcher, 27, 1-24. [CUNY log in required]

NY Times Tally on US Senators' Voting


Harripersaud, J (2017) Is it Constitutional? Resources to Help You Decide. NYPL Blog

From Gale Virtual Reference Library

Rostow, E. V. (2000). Executive Power. In L. W. Levy & K. L. Karst (Eds.), Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (2nd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 946-949). Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA.

Article II of the Constitution vests "the executive power" of the United States in the President, whereas Article I vests in Congress those legislative powers "herein granted," and Article III says that the JURISDICTION of the federal courts extends only to the subjects enumerated in the article. The common reader would normally construe these provisions to confer the entire executive power on the President, while granting Congress and the courts only parts of the legislative and judicial authority of the United States. As so often happens, however, the common reader has had a difficult time. From the first term of President GEORGE WASHINGTON, there has been a considerable debate over the scope of the President's executive power.

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CQ Researcher

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100 Days Analysis

Ames Grawert, Natasha Camhi (April 20, 2017) Criminal Justice in President Trump's First 100 Days. Brennan Center for Justice, New York University School of Law


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