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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

45th President of the United States, Trump & The 2016 Election: Health Care, Self Care, Community Care

Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces and Community at John Jay College

Safety and Wellness/Love Down Guide This guide is for the people who love a Trans or GNC Youth and for Trans GNC Youth to have a proactive plan that is grounded in their self-determination and agency in how they want to address bullying, prevent harm, and also receive love and care

Hate Crimes Resources and Watchers

Single Stop Legal Services at John Jay College
LGBTQ Resources at John Jay College

Report a Hate Crime to:

American Civil Liberties Union

Human Rights Campaign-What to Do If You’ve Been The Victim of a Hate Crime

FBI Resources-Victim Assistance

The New York County District Attorney’s Office-Resources for Victims or Witnesses of Hate Crimes

Hate Crime Watchers and Lists:

The Hatewatch site of the Southern Poverty Law Center "monitors and exposes the activities of the American radical right". Other entry points of note are the interactive Hate Map,their quarterly Intelligence Report and their Hate & Extremism issues site.   Report Hate incidents to them, and consider signing their  petition to President-Elect Trump to reject hate and bigotry

Hate Crime statistics from the FBI.   

Campus hate incidents recorded by the Chronicle of Higher Education 

Resources for Victims of Hate Crimes from the Manhattan DA's office.