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Antiquities Trafficking, Art Crime, Looting and Cultural Heritage Destruction: Articles

A guide to resources on criminal activities related to archaeological sites and antiquities including looting, trafficking, and destruction of cultural heritage by Ellen Belcher

Scholarly articles in library databases

Try searching Academic Search Complete and/or Art Index.  Criminal Justice Abstracts and/or Historical Abstracts might also yield articles as well as Anthro Source.

Subject Terms

The following subject terms and keywords work well in the databases: [Academic Search Complete, Art Index, Humanities Source, America History and Life are suggested]

Archeological thefts

Antiquities and Theft

Antiquities AND law and legislation

Antiquities AND Crime

Antiquities and Destruction

Antiquities and Terrorism

Cultural Property

Collectors and Law and legislation

Antiquities and Export and Import

Antiquities and Ethical aspects

Antiquities smuggling

Recommended News Articles on ISIS and Antiquities

Vlasic, M. V., & Turku, H. (2016). Protecting Cultural Heritage as a Means for International Peace, Security and Stability: The Case of ISIS, Syria and Iraq. Vanderbilt Journal Of Transnational Law, 49(5), 1371-1416.

Ben Taub (December 2015) The Real Value of the ISIS Antiquities Trade. The New Yorker.

Margaret Brennen (September 29, 2015) ISIS relying on Smuggling Antiquities to Fund Terror. CBS News

Rachael Shabi (July 3,. 2015) Looted in Syria – and sold in London: the British antiques shops dealing in artefacts smuggled by ISIS. The Guardian Newspaper

Law Review and Academic Articles

Try searching Antiquities AND law and legislation in Academic Search Complete for law reviews on this topic.

Here are a few recent articles:

Akhtar, Z. (2012). Theft in Babylon: Repatriation and International Law. Art, Antiquity & Law, 17(4), 325-346.

Alderman, K. L., & Dahm, C. S. (2014). National Treasure: A Comparative Analysis of Domestic Laws Criminalizing Illicit Excavation and Exportation of Archaeological Objects. Mercer Law Review, 65(2), 431-465.

Gerstenblith, P. p. (2012). 2011 Cultural heritage legal summary. Journal Of Field Archaeology, 37(4), 330-335.

Kaye, L. M. (1998) “Art Wars: The Repatriation Battle,” Journal of International Law and Politics , p. 79.

Kersel, M. M. (2008). A Focus on the Demand Side of the Antiquities Equation. Near Eastern Archaeology, 71(4), 230-233.

Mackenzie, S. M. (2005). DIG A BIT DEEPER: Law, Regulation and the Illicit Antiquities Market. British Journal Of Criminology, 45(3), 249-268. doi:10. 1093/bjc/azhO99

Palmer, N. (2012). CASTING A LAMP ON DUE DILIGENCE. Art, Antiquity & Law, 17(2), 169-16.

Thompson, Erin L. (2015) "But We Didn't Steal It:" Collectors' Justifications for Purchasing Looted Antiquities. Journal of Art Crime  13, p59-67.

 Tseng, M. (2015). The Executive & the Environment: An Examination of the Antiquities Act from 1929-2000 in the United States. Journal Of Asia Pacific Studies, 4(1), 6-22.

Journals and Annuals

The Yearbook of Cultural Heritage is published by Left Coast Press on behalf of the LCCHP


Recent Articles from Academic Search Complete & Art Index

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