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Using the Library proxy server: Home

How to link to Library licensed resources. By Ellen Sexton.

Getting students to the right place: create a direct link to Library licensed materials.

Do you want your students to use a particular library database?  Read an article?  Watch a video clip?  Browse an ebook? 

Give them a URL that will send them straight to that resource. 

Using our proxy server prefix along with the resource URL gets our students to the full content, regardless of whether they are on campus or at home.

Our proxy server


Access to database content licensed by the library is possible from outside the college ONLY by way of our proxy server.  The proxy server enables access for all JJ students, faculty and staff access, by requiring sign in using JJ email user id and password.


Our proxy server prefix address:  


Put this prefix BEFORE the permanent URL of any library licensed content.  That content might be for example a database, an article, an ebook, video clip, etc.   Then, when someone clicks on your hyperlink, the prefix will activate the log-in script, and the user will be asked to enter their JJ email user id and password.  After that information is entered successfully, the licensed content item will appear on screen.    


So for access to the JSTOR database, (JSTOR has the url  use:

This URL can be pasted into an email, onto your website, into facebook, twitter, etc.  Test your link off-campus before sharing it! 

Permanent URLs

Articles in most library licensed databases do have PERMANENT URLs.  Often the URL shown in the address bar at the top of the screen is TEMPORARY and will expire.  So look around the record to find the field labelled "permalink" or "permanent URL" or some similar terminology.  (if there is no such field, then, and only then, use the URL shown in the address bar).


EBSCO databases call them "permalinks":

E.g of an EBSCO permalink prefixed with our proxy server address:  


JSTOR calls them "stable URL"s:

E.g. of a JSTOR stable URL with our prox server address as prefix:


Here's a link to a chapter in an ebook, found under "share link" icon:

Lexis-Nexis Universe has a "copy document link" icon. 

E.g. of a LexisNexis Universe document link, with our proxy server prefix:

Why is this necessary?

The Library makes agreements with electronic content providers.  We pay them money and agree to certain terms.  The terms of the contracts we sign generally allow us to provide remote access to students, faculty and staff of John Jay College; but not to anyone else.  Our content providers can recognize users who are on campus, and allow access, but when we are working away from campus, we need to identify ourselves.  We use our proxy server to identify John Jay users and get them access Library licensed content.