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Guide for Library Research on Crime Fiction


Welcome to the fascinating world of crime fiction!  As criminal justice students, crime fiction can give you into an insight into how writers vividly represent and take license with your fields of study in narrative form. This diverse genre includes the cozy mysteries of Agatha Christie and the classic detective fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as the hard boiled narratives of  Sue Grafton, Walter Mosley, and Jim Thompson.  Along the way, you might step over  bodies in the police procedural novels of Ed McBain,  and explore what it's like to be a female detective in a traditionally male genre  in the feminist crime fiction of P.D. James and  Ruth Rendell.

The Lloyd Sealy Library here at John Jay does not have a vast popular or leisure reading section, but we do have some notable crime novels you can check out of the library.  We also have reference books and literary criticism that provide lots of information on this popular genre. This guide will connect you with the resources our library does have, along with the vast amount of crime fiction resources that exist on the web. 

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This guide was originally created by Julie Turley.

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Crime Fiction Exhibit

In April 2013 the Library put together an exhibit focusing on Crime Fiction. Click here and here to take a look at some photos!

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