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Ebooks: Palgrave Connect

About Palgrave Connect

John Jay patrons now have access to over 5,900 Palgrave Macmillan Ebooks in the humanities, social sciences, and business from their 2010, 2011, and 2012 collections. Access is unlimited, allowing for multiple copies to be read online or downloaded at the same time.


How to Search the Palgrave Connect Collection

The books that are available to John Jay patrons are in the CUNY+ catalog. So, if you find a book from the collection there, the CUNY+ record will link you to it. However, if you do wish to search the Palgrave Connect Platform, you should know that not all Ebooks indexed in the platform are available fulltext (the University owns about 3,300 of the 9,500 titles available from Palgrave Macmillan). If you are searching on the platform, you can do a quick search right from the opening page:

Or, you can choose the advanced search function to narrow your search by date or subject collection. Or, there is a convenient feature that lets you narrow your search to only those Ebooks that are available to John Jay patrons (hide the unsubscribed content):


Search Results in Palgrave Connect

Ebooks display at the book title level. If an Ebook is not available fulltext, there will be little red lock to the lower-left of the book image (you can check CUNY+ to see if we have the book in print!). If an Ebook is available fulltext, there will be a green opened lock to the lower-left of the book image:


Once you've performed your search and your results display, you can refine your results with various options:

Ebooks help

Need help with viewing, downloading, or printing ebooks?

Use our step-by-step ebook helper!

Downloading Palgrave Connect Ebooks to a Mobile Device

 Once you've retrieved your results, if you click on the title of the book, you will see download format options: 

You can view a pdf before you download it as you may not want to take the time (or storage space) to download an entire book before you know whether the book is right for you. Or, you can download the pdf and read it right on your desktop or laptop. If you wish to download it to a reader (like a Nook), use the Mobile Download link for the Epub file to your desktop and then move the file over to your device drive (all Palgrave Connect Ebooks published since 2011--and those in the Business and Management collection published in 2010--can be downloaded in the EPub format). If you have a Kindle select that link but first add as a trusted email address as explained on Amazon's Personal Documents Service page.

For mobile web browsing devices: you can use devices like your phone or Ipad to access the Palgrave Connect webpage. Then, once you've clicked on a book title, opt for the "Download EPUB" button and the book will download  to your device. 

Printing in Palgrave Connect

Once you have downloaded a PDF to your computer, you may print as many pages as you like.

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